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AutoFilter: Extending Your Oil Life

AutoFilter Extending Your Oil Life

It is no secret that the cost of oil in countries all over the world has been on the rise for some time. This in turn has created quite the hurdle for the foodservice industry. Fried food is a staple on menus everywhere. Who doesn’t love a nice crispy fry, or a crunchy chicken tender?! Whether it is the kid’s menu, or the appetizer section, deep-fried options are pretty much a necessity.

Now, this is where it gets complicated. If these popular menu items have be cooked in oil, and the oil prices are rising, then owners and operators will be left with no choice but to increase what they charge their customers. This can lead to a decrease in foot traffic, take out & delivery orders, and overall profits.

One way to avoid these unfortunate circumstances is by getting the most out of every drop of oil that has been purchased. Filtration systems like the AutoFilter are great for extending the life of your cooking oil. The AutoFilter will automatically filter your fry oil at a rate of eight gallons per minute, cycling the oil through  96-layers of fine, paper microfilter. This microfilter effectively removes any suspended sediment and oil contaminants including carbon.

These particles are the main factors in food discoloration and inconsistent flavor. Furthermore, they also contribute to the breakdown of oil, by removing them each day you can double the life of your frying oil, saving you money, time, and waste. On average, users will see 35-50% longer oil life when using AutoFilter as part of a regular oil maintenance routine.

So, don’t let these high cooking oil prices get you down! Click the link below and learn more about what the AutoFilter can do for your business.

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