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AutoFry Foodservice: Serving Up Safety

AutoFry Foodservice Serving Up Safety

Safety has always been a priority throughout the foodservice industry. Today, businesses are looking for even more ways to ensure their employees and customers are protected from harm. Most are familiar with the standard safety precautions of a commercial kitchen, like wearing rubber gloves, or knowing the proper temperature to store perishables. But some are still unaware of the safety options available to them when it comes to more dangerous kitchen activities, like deep-frying.

The area around an open deep fryer can be a hot spot for workplace accidents. According to OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Association), Workers who cook in restaurants are especially at risk of burn injuries while cooking with or cleaning deep fat fryers or vents above fryers. Burns can occur from contact with the fryer itself or from hot splashing oil, or when straining the oil or moving the fryer. If you ask us, that sounds like the potential for something to go wrong is pretty high.IMG_6830

But burns aren’t the only thing businesses need to worry about when it comes to open fryers. If a hood system isn’t working correctly or hasn’t been cleaned properly, it can lead to the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. This is a danger to not only your employees, but for your customers as well.

Now, don’t worry, there are options for deep-frying other than open fryers. With the right equipment, owners and operators can avoid the hazardous scenarios listed above. AutoFry is the leader in automatic, ventless technology, making cooking safe and simple. These fully enclosed fryers keep staff away from hot oil at all times, while the exterior stays cool to the touch. AutoFry does the work for you, even shaking the baskets and dispensing the finished product. Concerned about grease fires? With AutoFry, you will have peace of mind knowing a fire will be contained and extinguished by the internal ANSUL Suppression System. Nervous about spills while filtering and changing out your oil? AutoFry even has automatic filtration options to avoid that unfortunate situation. 

Interested in learning more about how the safety of AutoFry can benefit your business? Click the link below to reach out to a representative today!

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