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AutoFilter: Saving You Time & Money


One of our goals here at Motion Technology Inc., is to make foodservice as simple as possible. This goes for maintenance too! Filtering your oil is a vital part of keeping the AutoFry running to perfection. No business wants to serve up fried food that looks and tastes anything less than amazing! Providing delicious, photo-worthy, food is what we strive for, and when you implement the AutoFilter into your routine maintenance you will not be disappointed.chicken strips 2

While we offer multiple filtration options, the AutoFilter is one of our most convenient and fastest options. This oil filtration system is easy to use and effective! All our clients have to do is simply place the AutoFilter unit directly into the oil pot and push the start button. By placing the AutoFilter into the oil pots, clients no longer have to transfer oil to an external filtering unit, saving time and minimizing the possibility for kitchen mishaps.

The AutoFilter automatically filters your fryer oil at a rate of eight gallons per minute, cycling the oil through a 96-layer fine paper micro-filter. This micro-filter effectively removes any suspended sediment and oil contaminants including AutofilterImagecarbon. These particles are the driving  factors in bad tasting food and discoloration. With their removal, businesses can keep their food tasting just as delicious as they intended and need not worry about serving up anything less that perfect!

Furthermore, these pesky particles add to the breakdown of the oil, and by eliminating them each day you can double the life-span of your frying oil. This saves you not only money and time but eliminates waste as well. Our clients will see on average, 35-50% extended oil life when incorporating AutoFilter into a consistent oil maintenance routine.

Time, money and resources play a huge role in the success of a business. We want nothing but the best for our clients and their patrons, this is why we will be running our Annual Spring Cleaning Sale from April 15th- April 30th, which will include a 30% discount on the AutoFilter! Enjoy hassle free filtering, while saving money all at the same time!

Not sure if the AutoFilter is the right fit for you? Click here to check out our AutoFilter Promo video &  customer testimonials to get a full understanding just how beneficial the AutoFilter can be!


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