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Oil Prices on the Rise: The Filtration Fix

Oil Prices on the Rise

Global food inflation has been a major focal point throughout the pandemic. Most recently the foodservice industry is keeping a close watch on the steady rise of the cost of cooking oil. From palm to vegetable oil, the price of this high demand item is climbing at an unsettling rate. This has owners and operators searching for new ways to navigate the unpredictable availability of this vital resource.

For businesses within the foodservice industry, it is important to get the best bang for your buck, and avoid unnecessary waste. Filtering your oil daily is a great way to prevent waste and save money. Removing impurities and sentiment from the oil on a regular basis not only extends the life of the oil, allowing for more fry cycles, it also preserves the flavor of the product being cooked.

Here, at MTI, the home of the AutoFry®, we like to think we know a thing or two about frying oil. With over thirty years in the business, who can blame us. In that time, we have grown our filtration options to match the needs of our clients and their ventless fryers. Whether a company is looking to manually filter their oil, or utilize an automatic system, we’ve got them covered.

Our AutoFry Filtering Kit is the best choice for anyone who wants to filter their oil by hand. This kit includes a Miroil Can and Net, as well as a Drain Hose and a bottle of AutoFry Liquid. The Drain Hose safely attaches to the drain valve on the oil pot. It then guides the oil through the Miroil Net that sits atopThirsty Thurs - Beer and Apps the metal Miroil Can, consistently catching debris. When finished the oil is returned to the pot for the next day. Add the AutoFry Liquid to prolong the life of the cooking oil in your AutoFry by restoring antioxidants lost from heat.

Customers looking to save on time at the end of the workday may want to consider one of our automatic filtration systems, the AutoFilter. Simply remove your basket and element, and place the AutoFilter directly into the oil pot. Push the start button and watch the oil clear up right before your eyes. When finished, remove the AutoFilter, and reinstall your element and basket.

Now, that isn't our only automatic solution. For fryers with a larger oil pot we recommend the OFS. The Oil Filtration System allows oil to be drained, thoroughly filtered and replenished into the oil pots quickly and with minimal effort by the operator. It really couldn’t be any easier!

What can we say, Automation is kind of our thing! Now, more than ever, as businesses struggle to hire, it is vital to have equipment that can do the work for you and help you save money when and wherever possible. 

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