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Automatic Solutions: Surviving the Labor Shortage

Automatic Solutions Surviving the Labor Shortage

As the world begins to regain some normalcies there are still challenges facing the foodservice industry. It seems like sales are easier to come by than employees. Across the U.S. businesses are struggling to find labor. From wait staff to cooks, and even front of the house, there isn’t an area that hasn’t taken a hit. But what are the underlying causes of staff shortages?

The pandemic has manifested a number of things that have contributed to the lack of labor. One of the most glaring appears to be fear. To some extent, many individuals who held positions where they came into contact with the general public are still hesitant to return to work. This means exploring other employment options that eliminate that fear. 2020 was the year where the side hustle became the main hustle. Many young people took the time during the pandemic to turn their hobbies into their careers, and chose not to return to their previous employers.Chicken and AutoFry-1

So, what can owners and operators within the food industry do to combat the labor shortage? Well, for starters they can arm their establishments with the right tools for the job. Automatic deep fryers like the AutoFry® are ideal for these times. Let the equipment do the work for you! No need to be a trained chef or a line cook, with just the press of a couple buttons any employee can serve up perfectly fried food with ease! The AutoFry will even shake the baskets like a real fry cook. No need to worry about burns from the hot oil. These automatic kitchen additions are fully enclosed and remain cool to the touch, ensuring operators are out of harm’s way.

We want companies big and small to know the battle against the labor shortage isn’t one that needs to be fought alone. MTI is here to help provide the information necessary to make an informed decision on the future. Automatic kitchen equipment can help owners and operators solve the problem they're facing now, and prepare them for whatever might lie ahead.

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