Ventless Revolution

No Space? No Problem! Making the Most Out of a Small Kitchen with Ventless Equipment

No Space_There is a new restaurant trend sweeping the country, and it might be here to stay. Small restaurant spaces are sprouting up all over the US and it’s due to a combination of different driving forces. Factors like the ever rising costs of rent and construction, as well as dwindling labor pools, are pushing businesses to pursue smaller locations. Here at Autofry-GroupMotion Technology Inc., we know it can be challenging to operate out of limited work space, but with our ventless revolution it doesn’t have to be!

Utilizing a small space is a no-brainer when you’re using our hood-free kitchen equipment. Without the necessity of ventilation additions, our products make life easier and less expensive for chefs and business owners alike. The absence of hoods also makes it simple to fit our line of equipment anywhere, and since all of our machines come ready to plug and play, they are user friendly for all staff members. The VentaGrill, MultiChef XL, and AutoFry are the perfect sizes to fit even the most petite establishments. Whether it’s the confined king potato in actionspace of a diner, or the close quarters of a pop up restaurant, MTI has what you need!    

While many may see a location with limited room as an issue, we see it as a great opportunity for your business to save money. Space restrictions can mean more than a few benefits for an operator. It can be easier to create revenue if the space is utilized to its full potential. With fewer staff members than larger establishments, business owners can create forced fixed costs, allowing them to plan accordingly for business expenses and customer satisfaction. In today’s social media obsessed world, guest experiences are more important than ever, so it's important for companies to know their clientele and devote time and money to keeping their wants and needs a priority.MultiChef

When planning for a smaller than usual cooking and preparation area, operators often find themselves in a position where they must sacrifice menu items in order to save space. This can be detrimental to their entire business concept. The food is what it is all about, and flavor should never be compromised due to lack of kitchen ingenuity! Our products have a wide range of cooking capabilities that allow our clients to keep their menus creative and ever changing.

So let’s look at this new trend as an amazing opportunity. This is a chance for owners and chefs to push the boundaries of the tiny kitchen.  With help from the ventless revolution, no longer should owners and their staffs have to limit their creativity and talents for lack of space.  

For more information on the benefits of our ventless kitchen equipment visit our website or click the tab below to watch our quick video!                            

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