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Profitable Appetizers for your Pizza Menu

When it comes to the pizza industry, the AutoFry is well known as being the king of chicken wings. There simply is no easier way to fry up a batch of delicious chicken wings. And while chicken wings and pizza make a perfect pair, wings price continues to soar. In fact, across the board wings carry some of the lowest profit margins of all potential menu items. Of course, your guests may still want and expect wings on your menu so you don’t need to scrap them all together, but it may be time to start pushing alternative menu items with higher profit margins.

The good news, is that AutoFry excels at frying a wide variety of items that can enhance your menu AND offer some better profit margins! Today we give you four new profitable appetizers for your pizza menu that will increase your bottom line while impressing your guests!



Curd Tacos – There are few foods out there that rival the delicious flavor that fried cheese curds provide. Couple them with sliced sausage and fresh salsa in a corn tortilla and you’ve got a crave-worthy dish! We recommend starting with delicious curds from Curdtown – which can be ordered in both regular coating and a boldly seasoned variety! As one of our food rebate partners you can save even more on your first order from Curd Town, making this an extremely profitable appetizer for your menu!


Coconutshrimp-675873-edited.jpgCoconut Shrimp – Paired with a great sauce, coconut shrimp make an excellent appetizer option for your guests that is both unexpected and luxe. We recommend starting with Macadamia Nut & Coconut™ Shrimp from High Liner Foods. Because High Liner is part of our rebate program, you can save $125 on your first order!  The unique breading of the coconut shrimp would pair well with an Orange Chili dipping sauce, like this one!



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Zucchini Pizzettes – Just like after the party there’s an after party, before the pizza there’s zucchini pizzettes! These unique vegetable based pizzas are the perfect starter for those looking for some lighter fare. Start with McCain’s Crisp BREW CITY® Beer Battered Zucchini Slices, top with sliced pepperoni, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese and bake until cheese is melted and bubbling! Get your McCain BREW CITY® snack items at a significant discount through our rebate program for AutoFry owners!



CBR Sliders – No appetizer menu is complete without some form of slider on the menu and we recommend kicking a traditional chicken slider up a notch with cheddar, bacon and ranch for a delicious CBC Slider! Start with crispy Country Style coated chicken breasts from rebate partner, Brakebush, and top with your CBR trio – served two or three at a time this appetizer is perfect for sharing!

Plus because you can save big with our Brakebush food rebate, this appetizer is more profitable than ever.


There you have it, four tasty appetizers to liven up your menu and drive up your profits. From start to finish these appetizers are low cost, especially when coupled with our rebate program for AutoFry owners. Try a new menu item today and start making more profits on your appetizer menu!


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