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PMQ Video Spotlight | Driving Pizzeria Profits with Fried Foods

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If you didn’t attend the NRA show last month then you missed out on an exciting opening morning! We met up with the crew from PMQ Pizza Magazine to film our first ever Pizza TV segment.  The reason for their visit was to explore all the ways a deep fryer can really enhance the abilities of a pizza place, drive pizzeria profits, and of course to taste some delicious fried treats.

If you’re a pizzeria owner, you can’t afford to be missing out on the profits you can drive in with the addition of fried foods. Delicious and high-profit items like French fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, chicken wings and more, all work together to really round out a menu! Today we talk about how pizzerias can benefit from fried foods and we share with you the Pizza TV segment that had the opening day of the NRA show buzzing!

Now, just like one of those fancy choose your own adventure books that were popular in the 80s and 90s, you can watch the video below or read on to learn how AutoFry fits the bill for most pizzeria owners!


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If you’ve decided to read on, I’m impressed! You clearly are a go-getter and understand the importance of continuous improvement on your business, brand and menu! So let’s discuss why AutoFry is a good fit for your business!

For starters, we’ve been manufacturing our AutoFry, ventless deep fryer, for over 25 years – that’s over a quarter of a century of experience, know-how, and continuous product improvement. We’ve taken customer feedback over the years and constructed the leading ventless fryer on the market. I guarantee you will not find any fryer out there that is safer than AutoFry or available in such a wide variety of sizing.

From top to bottom the AutoFry was built with the end user in mind. Being a fully enclosed fryer, your employees will never come into contact with dangerous hot oil. In addition, AutoFry is built with its own fire-suppression system that can be activated manually through the front pull tab, or automatically through its internal activation system.

To make our customer’s lives easier, our ventless fryers are also fully automated, doing all of the hard work for you. From our easy programmable frying presets to our unique basket shake feature, AutoFry acts like your very own fry cook – except this employee won’t ask for minimum wage!

Additionally, AutoFry is also built with its own heat-time compensation intelligence, which is a really fancy way of saying that our ventless fryer will detect how much the temperature of the hot oil drops when you add food to it. AutoFry will then automatically adjust the cook time to compensate for that drop in temperature. This ensures that every batch of fried foods is cooked to the same degree of perfection every time.

From French fries, to chicken wings, AutoFry really can fry it all. Plus because our fryers come in four unique model and basket sizes, we can equip just about any size business from large to small. We have numerous worldwide multi-unit chains using AutoFry as well as small mom and pop shops, and they all love the safety and ease of use that AutoFry guarantees.

So how does that translate to your pizzeria? No pizza place is complete without a solid basket of bone in chicken wings, and when it comes frying, AutoFry is the [Unofficial] King of Chicken Wings. Even though you’ve decided to read instead of watching today’s blog, I do encourage you to check out the video – right around the 7:30 mark we cook fresh chicken wings and you can see how easily AutoFry tackles those bone in wings!

From expanded appetizer menus to new and exciting fried pizza toppings, a deep fryer can truly make the difference on increasing sales and pizzeria profits. Plus you’ll be giving your customers more reason to spend their money with you and not somewhere else! 

If it sounds like you may be in need of a deep fryer on your team, I encourage you to check out our white paper on expanding your pizzera offerings with fried foods. If you'd like to speak to one of our representitives you can reach us anytime at 508-460-9800 or by filling out one of our contact forms here.


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