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Revamping your C-Store Menu with the MultiChef XS

Revamping your C-Store Menu with the MultiChef XS

Is your convenience store still serving up the same old options? Bagels and muffins for breakfast, roller dogs and microwaveable burritos for lunch AND dinner...doesn't that sound just a bit boring? Now is the time to revamp your menu and create a buzz about your store.

New and exciting menu items are a great way to increase foot traffic throughout the day. Let’s start by taking a look at the first meal of the day, breakfast. Instead of the usual donut or breakfast sandwich, why don’t you try something a bit more out of the box. Individual breakfast flatbreads loaded with bacon bits, scrambled eggs, and cheese are ideal for patrons on the go. Not only are these easy to eat, but they’re also filling!  Which is just what people need for their most important meal of the day. 

So, how about lunch? Move over premade deli sandwiches and make room for made to order paninis. These days nobody is interested in eating something that has been sitting around for an unknown amount of time. Customers are craving freshness, so you might as well give it to them. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Fill your bread of choice (we recommend brioche) with roasted chicken, diced pineapple, BBQ sauce & cheddar cheese, and you’ve got a Hawaiian Panini that is sure to please.MC Close up

Last but not least, dinner! Imagine serving up a dinner option for your shoppers that is not only fresh, but healthy too! Leafy green salads topped with perfectly roasted chicken, avocado slices, black beans, crunchy tortilla strips and a chipotle ranch dressing is guaranteed to be a huge hit. A salad this good will turn your c-store into an post-work destination that can’t be missed.

Executing a new menu can be overwhelming, but with the right equipment it truly doesn’t have to be. The MultiChef XS is the highspeed oven that delivers on quality and throughput. Create all the delicious menu items above and more in no time at all with this versatile oven. And did we mention that the MultiChef XS is conveniently sized to fit just about any location with zero side clearance required? Leaving you with extra counter space for food preparation or storage. Curious on whether or not you will have to install a hood system for ventilation? Not with this kitchen kingpin! Each oven includes an internal filter that catches the grease laden air during operation. This means you and your business will avoid costs upward of $30,000.00, and saving money matters more now than it ever has. 

Want to learn more about this powerful, yet petite oven that you never knew you needed? Click below to learn more!


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