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Fresh & Funky Fair Fare: Counting Down the Most Outrageous Finds!

Fair Fare There is nothing quite like a state fair. They are full of attractions, music, and most importantly food! Fairs are a part of our American history, dating back to the first state fair in 1841 held in Syracuse, New York. The fair was a way for the newly formed Agricultural Society to encourage farming and pastoral growth and development throughout the state. During the following years, the fair would grow across New York, packing in vendors ready to sell their products. This was Ohio_State_Fair_Picture_1only the beginning. Today, the New York State Fair lasts up to thirteen days and hosts over one million visitors, but the reach of this state fair extends far beyond the state of New York.

State fairs have become staples all throughout our country. These fairs, like the New York original, draw people in from all over, ready and raring to stuff their faces! These days vendors are pulling out all the stops with their fair food, creating the biggest and craziest treats that can be quickly produced and distributed to the hungry masses that file into the fairgrounds. Here at MTI we love a good state fair, the convenient size of our products, paired with the ability to run without a hooded ventilation system makes our AutoFry, VentaGrill and MultiChef XL ideal for quickly setting up shop.

Food is the main attraction at any fair, and in most recent years the expectancy of more and more outrageous treats has only grown. Today, even a deep fried Oreo seems lack luster. Extreme eats are not only delicious, they are Instagram worthy too! Today’s fair-goers are posting photos before their first bite, so vendors have to be well equipped to take on the millennial masses. Bottom line, the crazier the food, the better, and we are counting down the freshest and funkiest fair fares we could find! 

donut burgerDonut Burger- When people think of fair food, typically the first thought is deep fried anything, and while we love a tasty treat fresh from the fryer, we also really love burgers on our VentaGrill. It’s no wonder this outrageous concoction made it on our list. A juicy flat top burger, topped with all the fixings, and placed between two glazed donuts…YES PLEASE!

Deep Fried Beer- Yes you read that correctly, DEEP FRIED BEER. It is an actual thing. Beer is placed inside a pocket of pretzel-like dough (kind of resembling a ravioli) and then submerged in oil for about 20 seconds; this short cooking time keeps the tiny treat alcoholic! These need to be tested in the AutoFry ASAP. 

Chicken Fried Bacon- Just when you thought bacon couldn’t get any better! Chicken Fried Bacon is thick cut bacon coated in a classic dredge, just like the kind used for chicken fried steak, and then fried until golden brown. Oh, and it’s served with a creamy southern gravy for dipping! You can wipe away your drool now.

Pop Rocks French Toast- Fair foods no longer consist of just snacks and dessert items, breakfast is showing up more and more at the fairgrounds. Basically vendors are taking French toast, cutting it into bite size pieces, topping  it with a berry sauce, whipped cream, and of course, pop rocks. Talk about a funky fair find! 

Deep Fried Butter- THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Deep fried butter exists and all is good in the world. Vendors use frozenFried Fair Food chunks of butter that are generously coated in a cinnamon and honey batter, which they then fry until golden brown. Lastly, they top the delicious delights with powdered sugar or a vanilla glaze, making them the ultimate, over the top fair food!

Well there you have it, our favorite fresh and funky fair fares! Be sure to check out your local fairs and make your own indulgent list.

Looking to thrill your guests with food? Download our white paper and find out how you can benefit by adding a food program to your attraction. 

Thrilling Guests with Food


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