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Heating up Profits with Frank’s RedHot

Frank's Red Hot It is the brand that gets put on everything! Frank’s Red Hot is the household name that has basically written the book on Bringing the Heat. Whether it is chicken wings, a bowl of chili, or just your favorite foot-long sub, adding any one of Frank’s sauces to an endless list of dishes is a no-brainer.buffalo wings

Since its debut in the 1920’s, there are few households and businesses that don’t contain this delicious nectar from the fire gods. Advertised as a topper for salads, or a secret ingredient in casseroles, this hot commodity made strides as a front runner product for its founding company, The Frank Tea & Spice Co. It was in 1964 at a restaurant in Buffalo, NY where Frank’s RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper was used as a secret, special ingredient for a chicken wing sauce, when the condiment would get its big break.  Fast forward to the nineties, Frank’s released their own pre-made Buffalo Wing Sauce, and as the old cliché goes, the rest was history.

Throughout the years the company would develop new, tasty and fun flavors. Blends like Stingin’ Honey Garlic, and Sweet Chili, are just a couple of the amazing flavor profiles they have created. As the years go by and new tastes are Red Hot Mixintroduced, one thing that remains the same is the pride that is taken in making the perfect sauce. From “The Growers” to “The Makers” each individual involved in the process is devoted to Frank’s RedHot quality, and it truly shows in the final product.

So, it’s easy to see why we love Frank’s RedHot so much at Motion Technology Inc. We literally put that sh*t on everything we cook with our ventless kitchen equipment and want our customers to feel fiery love that we feel for Frank’s. Therefore, whenever a client purchases anyone of our fryers or ovens, they are eligible for rebates from Frank’s RedHot, good for a free case of Stingin’ Honey Garlic Sauce with the purchase of one case of RedHot Original or Buffalo Wing Sauce. If our clients are going to serve food from the best quality kitchen equipment, then you need the best quality condiments to go with them. So, don’t wait, look into your new oven or fryer today and all of the perks that come with it!

Make sure to check out all of our rebate partners, and the products they offer! 

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