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American Craft Beer Week: Best Beers & Bites

American Craft Beer Week 2020
Its American Craft Beer Week! That's right, from May 11th to May 17th people across the country indulge in some of the most delicious beers in celebration of this thirst quenching craft. From fruity undertones to beautifully bitter, there is the perfect beer out there for everyone. Well, everyone over the legal drinking age. 
At Motion Technology, Inc. we feel there is also a perfect food for every beer. So, we put together a short list of our TOP FIVE pairings of beers and bites! Check it out below and get a little bit of celebration inspiration.
Pilsner & Balsamic Glazed Salmon 
The richness from the fat of the salmon and the sweetness from the balsamic balances out the pronounced hop flavor and bitterness of the Pilsner. We suggest pairing with a freshly steamed veggie like asparagus. 
Brown Ale & Thai Chicken Flatbread with Peanut Sauce 
Hints of chocolate and caramel throughout the Brown Ale compliment the peanut sauce while simultaneously balancing out the saltiness from the soy based marinade on the chicken. Add chopped peanuts or green onion for texture. 
Hefeweizen & Goat Cheese and Fig Panini
This bubbly, German-Style, wheat beer is infused with fruity sweetness, allowing it to pair perfecting with equally as sweet dining options. The creamy goat cheese, and sweet fig never met a better beer. 
Stout & Classic Canadian Poutine 
The coffee and caramel undertones of a good Stout go hand and hand with the richness of the traditional brown gravy used for Poutine. At the same time, those undertones offset the saltiness of the crispy french fries. Perfect as a appetizer or a meal, eh! 
Pale Ale & Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wrap
Balance out the heat from the Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wrap by matching it up with the perfect combination of sweet and bitter that's found in a nice cold Pale Ale. Serve it up with your favorite french fry cut to complete the meal. 
Well, there you have it folks. Talk about American Craft Brew Week inspiration! Now, don't just sit there. Pick out your favorite beer and food pairing and get to celebrating. 
Check back next week for more!  
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