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Beer Garden Foodservice: Where Flavor & Fun Meet

Beer Garden Foodservice Where Flavor & Fun Meet

Let’s begin with a history lesson, shall we? Beer gardens originated in Bavaria during the 16th century as a result of The Brauordnung, a set of laws pertaining to the brewing of beer. Specifically, these regulations limited brewing to the cooler months of the year. The reasoning behind this was to limit the number of fires taking place in the summer. You see, at that time, in order to make beer the brewers would build  fires to heat their kettles. This would lead to an increase in the spread of fires which often resulted in property damage, injury, and death. On the bright side, beer just so happened to taste much better in the cooler months, so overall it seemed to be a win for everyone.

Brewers are nothing if not adaptable. So, they began creating beer cellars to house their brews throughout the winter. This way, when the temperature starts to soar, they would still have beer to serve. Quickly the areas above the cellars would become the ideal locations for people to enjoy the tasty beverage they just purchased, along with any snacks they may have brought with them. And just like that, the beer garden was born!iStock-828789500

Today, the beer garden has certainly evolved, but the premise is the same. An open, outdoor area where people can get together to enjoy beer, comradery, and food. We have come quite a long way from the simple accompaniments of pretzels and cheese. These days when you visit a beer garden you are more likely to be presented with bit more  options than the 1500’s. Pizzas, fried chicken sandwiches, nachos and burgers are just some of the menu selections you can find.

Implementing a successful foodservice program at your beer garden might seem overwhelming, but with the right kitchen equipment it doesn’t have to be. Our automatic deep-fryers and highspeed ovens are not only safe and easy to use, but they also operate without the need for a hood or ventilation system, saving you up to $30,000.00, plus the costs of installations. Here at MTI, we want to help you  serve up delicious eats like chicken wings, French fries, quesadillas and more, without breaking the bank.

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