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Tech Tips: Easy Fixes with an AutoFry Expert

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For over thirty years Motion Technology, Inc has been the leader in ventless innovations. In that time not only have we perfected our equipment; we have also perfected our Technical Support Team. When it comes to maintaining the AutoFry, we made sure simplicity was a major factor. We understand how important it is for a business to have reliable equipment that is easy to operate. There is no room for error during a busy service! This is why we also supply our clients with a technical team that’s above the rest.

In the rare occurrence, you need assistance with maintaining and operating your AutoFry, you can simply call in to our Technical Support Line and speak with one of our team members. Our tech team can walk you through the ins and outs for our ventless fryers and assist with any questions you may have. Not to mention, they are available by phone 7 days a week until 8 pm Eastern Time, just in case you need to reach someone.

We decided to put together a few easy fixes for some things that might happen with your ventless fryer, straight from our AutoFry experts themselves!

So, grab a pen and paper, you may want to take some notes. Autofry-Group_colorcorrected

Why is My Basket Not Dropping the Product?

Human error can occur at any time, especially when you are anticipating delicious fried food! Sometimes, when an employee just can’t seem to contain their excitement for the finished product, they preemptively open the food chute for a sneak peek. Though done in complete innocence, a quick look can unintentionally knock the basket slightly out of place, causing the food not to dump at the end of its cook time. We can easily reverse this error by completing a basket height adjustment. This simple process can be carried out by any employee. Our technicians can troubleshoot with them over the phone, or they can head to our YouTube channel and watch our Basket Height Adjustment Video to walk them through each step. 

Why is My AutoFry Hot to the Touch?

The AutoFry can get hot to the touch when the charcoal filter is clogged, or the exhaust fan is not running at full speed.  Without the fan on top to exhaust the hot air, it will build up inside the equipment. The exhaust fan will mostly slow down or fail due to not changing the charcoal filter out on time. This should be done at least every 3 months. When hot air builds up in the AutoFry it creates condensation.  Condensation can drip down into the hot oil causing a splash/bubbling effect. Additionally, if condensation builds up inside the keypad compartment it can damage the keypad as well.  You might also experience the door gasket becomes hardened and starts to break from the heat. Trying to operate the machine in these conditions will affect the quality of the food being cooked.  It is important to track your filter changes to ensure they are being replaced in a timely manner.

 My Oil is Bubbling Over/Foaming, Why?

There are many different types of oil out there and they are all prone to a boil/bubbling effect. This is a common reaction between hot oil, ice crystals and moisture.  All oils have different lifespans, which can affect your oil maintenance.  Oil breaks down over usage and time. This means every time oil is heated up it begins to breakdown and deplete in quality.  If sediment or breadcrumbs are not filtered from the oil, it can cause the oil to breakdown even quicker.  When the integrity of the oil gets to a certain point it becomes more prone to a surge boil effect. The age and quality of the oil can determine the intensity of the effect. Filtering oil can be an important part of frying and extending oil life and should be considered in day to day machine maintenance.

So, as you can see, our Technical Support Team means business! They are full of important information to help AutoFry owners and operators with anything they may encounter. Never hesitate from calling in with any questions or concerns regarding your ventless fryer.  The MTI family is here to help!

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