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The Perfect Pair: AutoFry and MultiChef

The Perfect Pair: AutoFry and MultiChef Header

Here at MTI, we're proud to be an all in one solution for commercial kitchen outfitting. Our two staple products, AutoFry and MultiChef are the perfect pair when it comes to building a full menu because between the pair you can bake, fry, sear, roast, toast, melt and reheat! With so many cooking options, you are only limited by your own imagination. So with that in mind, lets dive into some of the best food pairings to make your menu well rounded and enticing to customers.

Perfect Pair: Pizza and Chicken Wings prepared in the AutoFry and MultiChef

Pizza and Chicken Wings are one of the most popular food pairings known to man. You can't walk into a pizza place anymore that doesn't offer wings in addition to their pies. With AutoFry and MultiChef you can prepare your chicken wings in the fryer while your pizza is cooking in the oven. Or, to really save on kitchen space and offer a slightly healthier alternative to fried wings, you could even cook your wings and pizza in the MultiChef all at the same time. Either method of cooking will return delicious wings and pizza that you can mark as a combo meal additional promotion.


Perfect Pair: Burger and Fries prepared in the AutoFry and MultiChef

I take it back, a burger and french fries is the most popular food pairing. This delicious combo can be found on almost every menu across the nation and lends itself to so many varieties and variations. The burger itself can be made of beef, chicken, turkey or even seafood and the fries can be served as shoestring, thick cut, waffle cut, or even wedges.  Once again, you can fry the french fries in the AutoFry, ventless fryer, and cook the burger and toast the burger bun in your MultiChef high speed oven. Alternatively you can prepare the entire meal in the MultiChef oven, which offers your customers a healthier choice for their french fries. This is a model local favorite, Be Good Burgers, follows when preparing their french fries for their captive customers.


Perfect Pair: Breakfast Sandwich and Hash Browns prepared in the AutoFry and MultiChef

Who doesn't love starting their day with a delicious breakfast sandwich and hash browns. The combo is popular with QSRs and C-stores as it entices people to no only buy food but also purchase a hot beverage for a total combination meal and an overall higher bill total. AutoFry fries hash browns to a golden perfection while the rest of your sandwich can prepared in your MultiChef oven, either from scratch or with a pre-made sandwich. This is one of the easiest breakfast combos to execute for both big and large operations as it can be easily customized to meet each customer's preference.


Perfect Pair: Gourmet Hot Dog prepared in the AutoFry and MultiChef

Another one of my personal favorite combinations, based off of a Pink's Hot Dog menu item, topping a hot dog with onion rings and barbecue sauce not only takes a traditional item and makes it way more crave-worthy but it also provides more value to the customer and therefor can be priced at a higher amount as well. Both the Onion rings and hot dog can be prepared in your AutoFry or MultiChef oven and the hot dog bun can be toasted quickly, to make a sturdy food carrier, in the MultiChef oven. Offering gourmet hot dogs is an easy way to up-charge for a basic item that is super easy to prepare.


Perfect Pair: Waffles and Fried Chicken prepared in the AutoFry and MultiChef

If your looking for a creative menu combination that works for all day parts, why not serve fried chicken and waffles. This popular item isn't available just anywhere, so you will be setting yourself apart from the competition when you offer it as a combo meal. Plus it works well for any time of day from breakfast to dinner and dessert, making it a great menu addition. The AutoFry is an excellent source for fried chicken and your waffles can be prepared in the MultiChef oven. Served with a side of ketchup and Maple Syrup, this combo is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


There you have it. Five great combinations prepared with AutoFry and MultiChef that are sure to be fan favorites on your menu. For more ideas like these, be sure to subscribe to the blog to get the latest tips, tricks and more!



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