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25th Anniversary | MTI Celebrates 25 Years of Ventless Technology

Happy 25th Anniversary to Motion Technology, Inc. Celebrating 25 years of Ventless Kitchen Solutions.

1990 was a great year.  Macaulay Culkin was slapping his face with aftershave in the iconic Home Alone scene, Madonna was in Vogue, MC Hammer was rocking parachute pants and Air-walks, Will Smith signed on with NBC for a sitcom about a street smart teenager from West Philadelphia who moves to his rich uncle's home in Bel-Air, but best of all Motion Technology was founded and the first AutoFry was produced.  That's right, 2015 marks our 25th anniversary, and we couldn't be prouder.  Our silver jubilee is a great reminder of all the advances made in the way of ventless kitchen solutions and a great excuse to celebrate with all of our customers.

Think back to 1990, do you remember what you were up to?  Surely you weren't rocking a mullet or baggy pants!  Maybe you were listening to Vanilla Ice, or deeply saddened by the loss of Jim Henson, or maybe you were the guy telling all your friends about how Windows 3.0 was the next big thing!  Fortunately for you, we won't make you admit to any of that.

The year 1990 had its ups and downs but a major high point has to be the production of the first AutoFry, model FFG-10.  This first AutoFry was just a single basket deep fryer that showed the food industry that vents and hoods were no longer necessary to be able to sell great tasting fried foods.  And we'll be honest, it wasn't perfect, but that's the magic of evolution and technological advances. It's also the reason why the AutoFry being manufactured today is much different from that first model.  We listen to our customers and continuously strive to improve our products and services to be able to provide the world with the best available ventless technology.

simplyfrylogoSince 1990, both of our machines, the AutoFry and MultiChef, have had their share of upgrades.  The AutoFry started as a single basket unit and now comes in four different sizes to accommodate any sized kitchen, big or small.  In 2007 the AutoFry received a major upgrade with the addition of Simplifry logic, a brand new technology that allowed for time/temperature compensation.  This technological advance allows for customers to add big or small batches of food to the fryer and know that the AutoFry will adjust itself to produce the same consistent product no matter how big or small the food load is.  2007 also brought along the shake feature, which keeps fried food from sticking together, a feature customers specifically requested.  You ask, we listen.  

MultiChef is a fast cook oven manufactured and sold by Motion Technology IncIf you've been with us since 1998, you might remember the first high speed oven in our lineup, the AirMaster.  This initial high speed oven was a great start to the ventless oven tradition but it was small and customers wanted more cook space.  Since then, the AirMaster has transformed into the MultiChef we know and love today and is  available in two sizes! 

With all that said, it wouldn't be a true celebration of the times if we couldn't give back to our customers in some way.  We know that without you, our customers, we wouldn't be here promoting our 25th anniversary.  We are so grateful to each and every customer who has purchased our product, given us insight to what improvements could be made, or just given us positive feedback along the way.  From Michel Baudouin in Asheville, North Carolina who, up until this month, ran one of the oldest maintained AutoFry machine (believe it or not, his machine was 20 years old when he decided to upgrade to a larger unit) to our most recent customer today, we thank you!  Your patronage, your loyalty, your feedback, are what makes our jobs worthwhile.  And in that spirit we are launching a 25th Anniversary sale!  Starting today and for the next 25 days, any filter or cleaner purchase through the AutoFry Webstore is 25% off with the use of promo code: 25ANV. Happy FRYday!


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