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7 MORE Over the Top(pings) French Fry Recipes

All you need is french fries

7 MORE Over the Top(pings) French Fry Recipes

A little over one year ago we put together a delicious list of seven French fry recipes that were over the top, spanning from sweet to savory to super salty! Since then, that post has had over one thousand views, and been retweeted all across the French fry nation. So we’re headed back to the fryer for seven MORE over the top French fry recipes in this week’s blog! This time we’re focused on recipes with geographical ties, so by the end of this blog it will feel like you’ve traveled the French fry world! Don't forget, all of these recipes can be made even easier when you fry your fries using a fully automated and ventless fryer like AutoFry!


Pad Thai French Fries1. Pad Thai French Fries

If you’re ok with eating your French fries with a fork, then boy do we have a recipe for you. This unique combination of flavors from Kristen Oliphant make the perfect side dish or main course when you’re craving for a heartier fry dish. Pad Thai French fries take two of our favorite dishes and blend them together for a magical finish! With a Hoisen-Fish Sauce blend drizzled over each fry and peanuts chopped on top, you’ll feel like you’re in Bangkok as you devour these tasty spuds.

Check out Kristen Oliphant for this recipe and other fantastic food ideas.




Cuban-Fries-5-199x300.jpg2. Cuban Fries

What’s there not to like about a traditional Cuban sandwich? It’s got pork, cheese, pickles and just the right amount of mustard on a pressed crusty loaf of Cuban bread. And if you were to sub the bread for French fries you’d have the House of Yumm’s ultimate appetizer recipe. The real key to this recipe is the delicious Swiss cheese sauce that is drizzled on top of the fries, ham and pickles. Yum! We can’t even look at this photo without our mouths watering!

Check out House of Yumm for this recipe and more!






Lebanese Spiced French Fries3. Lebanese Spiced French Fries

If you’re a fan of Middle Eastern flavors, then do we have the recipe for you. Heather Christo’s Lebanese Spiced French fries are the ultimate exotic flavored fries on our over the top fry list. The standout flavor in this recipe is za-tar, a popular Lebanese blend of seasoning that includes mint, oregano, sesame, sumac and salt. Combine that flavor with clove spiced ketchup and these frys will knock your socks off.

Check out this recipe and more at Heather Christo’s blog.




Garlic Crab French Fries4. Garlic Crab French Fries

OK, so we’ve done a lot of land traveling, how about some flavors of the sea? Like this insanely decadent Garlic Crab French fry recipe from Recipes, Food & Cooking. Recipe creator, Mary Ellen, created her take on crab fries after having them at a food festival, and boy does this recipe sound delicious. From the fries tossed in a garlic butter, to the delicious crab meat on top, these fries are the perfect mixture of land and sea!

Check out this delicious recipe from Recipes Food & Cooking that is bound to liven up your French fry game for the better.




Japanese Curry Fries5. Japanese Curry Fries

I would have never thought to put a fried egg on top of cheese fries, but these Japanese Curry Fries look and sound phenomenal. 40 Aprons takes a unique twist on Japanese Cheese Fries and infuses the recipe with curry and garam masala to make a warm and spicy meal out of French fries. Best eaten with a fork, though we see no shame in digging in with your hands, this recipe is a crowd pleaser!

Check out 40 Aprons for this recipe and other fantastic food ideas.




Guinness and Corned Beef Poutine6. Corned Beef Poutine with Guinness Gravy

It doesn’t get any more Irish than corned beef and Guinness, and who doesn’t want a reason to indulge in some corned beef on a day other than Saint Patricks Day!? This recipe takes an ordinary poutine recipe and steps it up five notches with insanely flavorful Guinness gravy loaded with carmelized onions. This recipe is the perfect excuse to make corned beef or the perfect way to use up your corned beef left overs from Saint Paddys day!

Check out Closet Cooking for this recipe and more!



Apple Pie Fries7. Apple Pie Fries

Ok, so just like last time, this last recipe isn’t actually made out of potatoes and therefor are not technically fries, but they are so darn delicious we couldn’t omit them from the list. Plus, what’s more American than apple pie?! These delectable apple pie fries are made from pie crust cut into fry-sized strips. Each strip has a layer of apple pie filling in between two layers of pie crust that are brushed with an egg wash and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar before being baked until golden brown. Talk about yummy!

Time to loosen your belt and head on over to Cincy Shopper for this recipe and other super delicious food ideas.



There you have it, seven more of the very best French fry toppings and recipes. We took you all over the world in one blog and man are we hungry. Time to go preheat the fryer and prep ourselves for some global fry flavor! Happy FRYday!

PS – Did you miss our first round up of over the top fries? Check it our here!

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