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AutoFry Rebates: Finding the Golden Dipt Ticket!

Golden Dipt Ticket You know that scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when Charlie slowly unwraps his Wonka Bar, and reveals the last remaining golden ticket? There was so much anticipation, so much energy!  That’s the excitement we imagine our clients feel when they receive their rebates from our friends at Golden Dipt. Those rebates are our client’s Golden Dipt ticket to the AutoFry, fried food flavor factory.  Golden-Dipt-Logo-Color

What began as just a seafood business in the 1930’s, Golden Dipt would make its way to the top of the frying world by focusing on what they did best. While people seemed to really enjoy their fried fish, they enjoyed the batter itself much more, so it only made sense for the business to shift its focus to producing the best breadcrumbs,  batters and breadings to provide for their clients.   

After entrusting the help of chefs from across the globe, Golden Dipt perfected their products with high quality, fresh ingredients. All of Golden Dipt’s coatings are user friendly which is ideal for busy AutoFry owners. Hectic kitchen staffs can save time with pre-made batters and Golden Dipt Mottobreadings, allowing them to focus more on their service and presentation.

Here at the home of the AutoFry, we know time is of the essence and we are proud of the great quality our ventless fryers possess. We want our customers to know we carry the same beliefs for our rebate partners. AutoFry and Golden Dipt are the perfect Golden Dipt Chicken Frypairing, two companies that strive to produce the best possible products for our clients.

This is why with every purchase of a brand new AutoFry our clients will receive up to $250 in BOGO cash back rebates on cases of Golden Dipt pre-dip batters, breadcrumbs, coatings, and special mixes.  We want our clients to test out the best of the best in their AutoFry, and with our Golden Dipt partnership the possibilities are endless!  

One of our favorite things about the Golden Dipt partnership is that Golden Dipt brings so much of their own knowledge to the table in the form of breading techniques, flavor profiles, and stellar recipes.

We highly recommend checking out their website for inspiration and make sure to try out one of their recipes!

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