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Well, Shake it Up Baby Now! The Benefits of the AutoFry Shake Feature

Shake featureWhen it comes to running a busy kitchen, a chef or owner have an endless list of tasks and responsibilities. There are orders to be placed, food to prepped and schedules to be made. In the foodservice industry, time is of the essence, and everyday small jobs add up. At Motion Technology Inc., we know that by eliminating the worry of mundane tasks the staff can be utilized more efficiently. This is one of the main reasons we have made our line of ventless kitchen equipment so user friendly, so time and man power can be applied to other areas, allowing our clients’ businesses to flourish!

Over the years we have listened to the feedback from our customers and applied it to the production of our equipment. We have taken the time to add special features to make the cooking experience even easier. One of the most important attributes we developed for our clients is our Shake Feature. When using a commercial open fryer, staff members are forced to stand over the hot grease, waiting for the perfect timing to flip and rotate product in the fryer, ensuring nothing clumps together. This can lead to inconsistent product, wasted time, and employees with second degree burns. With the AutoFry Shake Feature, not only is your staff kept out of harms way, but they can be redirected to a new task instead of being put on standby at the fryer.  

So how does the Shake Feature work? All our AutoFry models come with the feature and is accessible through the front display keypad. Once our clients have accessed the system programming they are able to set the Shake Feature a couple different ways. The feature can be programmed for up to 10 cycles. Each of these cycles can be set for either fifteen or thirty second periods. This means for either a full fifteen or thirty seconds the basket will shake the product, completely concealed from the user. At the end of the cooking time our customers are left with perfectly fried product ready to be enjoyed by hungry patrons! 


Now we know that those unfamiliar with the AutoFry, and used to commercial deep fryers, might have a difficult time visualizing the Shake Feature, but we made sure to take care of them too! We love to create helpful videos and guides to assist our clients with anything they may need. From cleaning guides to how to videos we always have our customers in mind, and the Shake Feature is no different. Our awesome technical support team created the AutoFry Shake Feature video to give a quick example of how the feature is set, what it looks like in action, and how it is then disabled. It is a straight forward how to, that is easy for any staff member to comprehend. And of course, if there were ever any questions, we always encourage our clients to give our technical support team a call, so we can further assist in any way possible!

Make Sure you check out the video above to get an idea of just how easy the AutoFry Shake Feature really is!

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