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Heavy Duty Cleaning for a Heavy Duty Fryer: Maintenance Made Easy with the AutoFry MTI-40E Cleaning Guide

MTI40E Cleaning Guide  (2)When it comes to full force frying, we like to think we know a thing or two. For over twenty years here at Motion Technology Inc., we have been providing our clients with the ventless kitchen equipment they need to produce fantastic fare for their hungry patrons. We understood that businesses were cranking out some heavy duty amounts of fried food, so we created one of our most productive and impressive models, the AutoFry MTI-40E.

This dual-basket floor model was designed to match the necessities of high-volume food service operators. With just the press of a button, our MTI-40E is capable of generating up to eight pounds of product per fry-cycle. That’s four pounds per side! With an oil capacity of 3.04 gallons on each side of the fryer, and 6.08 gallons total, you can fry close to MTI-40Earound 60-120 pounds of French fries per hour.      

Completely enclosed and automated, the AutoFry keeps operators and their employees alike safe from the internal cooking chamber while it fries their food flawlessly every time. Our MTI-40E has the flexibility of operating each side independently, giving owners the ability to fry the amount of their choosing. For even more convenience, the MTI-40E is available with a manual or automated oil filtration system, giving operators the opportunity to decide which method works best for their business.

Now, we understand that a heavy duty fryer like the MTI-40E is going to need some heavy duty cleaning, and we want to ensure that even the maintenance of our biggest equipment is made as simple as possible. This is why we created the AutoFry MTI-40E Cleaning Guide. This guide takes MTI-40E operators step by step through the entire cleaning procedure. From the food entry chutes and filters, to the grease collector cups and interior walls, we have covered all the bases. With our AutoFry MTI-40E Cleaning Guide, business owners can feel at ease knowing their employees have the right tools to assist them in maintaining such a powerful  machine.

While the AutoFry MTI-40E Cleaning Guide is a huge help to the owners of our dual-basket floor models, we don’t want our other AutoFry family members to feel left out. We have also developed a general weekly cleaning guide to assist all AutoFry operators in their future equipment maintenance. Check it out today!   


               Download our Weekly Cleaning Guide


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