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Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks from the Experts


The weather is getting warmer, birds are returning from their voyage down south, and new buds are forming on trees - all this can only mean one thing: Spring has arrived! The season of new growth is upon us and now is the perfect time to announce our Spring Cleaning Sale on our AutoFry Webstore.

For a very limited time select cleaners have been marked down 20% and all full year filter packs are marked down 15%. Now is the time to stock up and save on some of your favorite maintenance items! Check out the full details on the sale here. As we celebrate some easy savings, today we're also going to dive into some cleaning tips from our talented service team!

Take me to the Spring Cleaning Sale so I can save up to 20% on cleaners and filters!

Keeping your kitchen equipment clean doesn't have to be a difficult task, along with regular weekly maintenance schedules, it only takes 5-10 minutes a day to clean your AutoFry. Keep in mind, clean machines have less potential for breakdown and service issues. This is just one of the major benefits to a consistent maintenance program, according to Service Manager and Regulatory Specialist, Matt Judkins.

Carbon-off-quart.pngIf you've been neglecting cleaning your machine regularly, you may have a bit of build up. Judkins suggests a heavy duty grease remover like Liquid Carbon Off! - just a small amount of this liquid grease and carbon build up remover goes a LONG way, so be conservative when pouring Liquid Carbon Off! on to your cleaning rag. As always, follow cleaner safety directions for best use.

If you're not sure where to begin, Technical Support and Customer SOilPotKit2016.pngervice agent, Mike Germain, suggests new AutoFry owners to start with an Oil Pot Cleaning Kit. This all inclusive kit includes CGR Aerosol, Boil Out Pucks, Liquid Carbon Off, Bright Shine Spray and a grease scraper. These are our most popular cleaning items and a great starting place for keeping your machine in peak condition. Once you're familiar with how each cleaner in our kit works, you'll be in a better position for future cleaning purchases.

When it comes to the AutoFry's filter system, our service team stresses the importance of regular filter changes. Judkins states, "filter changes are really critical when it comes to the operation of AutoFry and the longevity of its components. The fan for example, can be negatively affected if the user isn't changing filters frequently enough."

If you're unsure of frequency for filter changes on your machine, our service team recommends changing the mesh filter every six months and the charcoal filter every three months. "That's the average time for a charcoal filter," said Judkins, "but some locations will need to change more frequently, every 2-2.5 months if the location is running the machine for extended hours each day." He notes that the amount of food cooked each day doesn't have as much of an affect on filter change frequency as the length of time the machine is ON each day.

One other great resource our service team reminds AutoFry owners about is our easy to follow, pictorial cleaning guides, available for download here. "Our customers have great success with training staff on cleaning when they use these guides;" said Germain, "I suggest owners download them to be printed and laminated for display right with the AutoFry unit!"

With these helpful tips from our industry leading service team, you're well on your way to a cleaner machine. Don't forget to check out our limited time offer on cleaning supplies on the webstore - this offer only lasts through the end of this month so you do NOT want to miss out! As always, have a Happy FRYday!


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