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Troubleshooting | Boil Out Feature

Boil Out Feature int he autoFry ventless Depp Fryer HeaderYou wouldn’t prepare pasta in an unwashed pot would you? Or bake a cake in a dirty loaf pan? How about wearing yesterday’s gym clothes? To all of these questions I am sure you’re saying NO WAY! Besides the obvious health concerns, doing so would be just downright gross. So why would you cook in a dirty fry pot?

Boil Out Feature in the AutoFry ventless Deep Fryer Header

This is a common discussion to have with customers who report of bad tasting food even when their oil is clean. The first question we ask is how often are you filtering and changing oil? If the customer is doing these two tasks regularly we follow up and ask, when was the last time you cleaned your oil pot? If the answer is never or I can’t recall, we know immediately the culprit of the bad tastes.

For best food taste, we recommend filtering oil daily and doing a thorough cleaning of your oil pot each time you change your oil. Oil should be changed at least once per week, but could be required more frequently more depending on how high your fry volume is.

The easiest way to clean out your oil pots is with Boil Out Fryer Pucks. These easy to use tabs are available at many local retailers in addition to our webstore and do an exelent job at cleaning out caked on sediment.

For ease of cleaning, all new AutoFry units come with a boil out feature as part of the keypad programming. To use the boil out feature of your AutoFry, watch this quick tutorial or follow the written steps below.






To use the Boil Out Fryer Pucks:

While AutoFry is off, drain oil from oil pot.

Wipe out any heavy sediment from the oil pot and fill with clean water to the oil fill line.

Press START and then POWER. **­Two buttons must be hit in succession within two seconds of one another to enable the Boil Out mode of your AutoFry.

Place your boil out fry puck(s) in your food entry chute(s).

AutoFry will preheat the water to 195 degrees. Once it reaches set temperature it will begin to count down 15 minutes of water boiling.

Drop your boil out tab(s) in once the count down begins by closing your food entry chute(s).

AutoFry will turn off after the 15 minutes have elapsed.

Drain water from oil pot.

Prepare a vinegar solution (1 cup vinegar to 1 gallon of water).

Thoroughly rinse all oil pot surfaces with the vinegar solution, followed by water to avoid contaminating the oil.

Refill your AutoFry with fresh oil.


If you have an older AutoFry without the Boil Out feature:

You may follow the procedure above, however, instead of activating the boil out feature, you will have to turn your machine on and allow it to heat the water. As soon as the water begins to boil you will add the boil out tabs. As the water continues to heat up it will begin to evaporate, IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU WATCH YOUR OIL POTS FOR THE DURATION OF THE 15 MINUTE BOIL OUT CYCLE TO MAKE SURE THE WATER LEVEL DOES NOT GO BELOW THE TEMPERATURE PROBE. If your water level drops low, you should add additional water for the remaining time.

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