National Fried Chicken Day: Tastes From Around The World

Jun 29, 2018 6:00:00 AM by Danielle Fantasia

National Fried  Chicken Day


Everyone has their favorite holiday. Some people love the excitement of gift giving at Christmas, or the thrill of dressing up for Halloween, but here at the home of the AutoFry we aren’t ashamed to admit one of our all-time favorite holidays is National Fried Chicken Day! To celebrate one of the best days ever, we decided to take our tour international and explore fried chicken dishes from around the world. From Japan, to Germany and even to the good old’ US of A, we will take a look at how different cultures indulge in this delicious dish.  

Let’s kick off our tour right here in the United States. In the southernmost states of America learning to fry up the perfect piece of chicken is almost like a rite of passage. Like the cast iron passed down from grandma, the fried chicken recipes of the south are something to be cherished and preserved. Chicken thighs, breasts and wings are soaked in buttermilk, coated in egg wash and tossed in a flour and spice mixture before being placed in about one inch of hot oil. Southern fried chicken cooks slow, and should only be turned once in the pan. Patience is a virtue with this dish, but karaage chickenthe end result is worth the wait!

Next, we will fly across the world and learn a bit about Karaage, Japanese fried chicken. A dish that has been adopted from Chinese culture, Karaage literally translates to "fried Chinese-style".  This fried chicken begins with marinating chunks of boneless chicken (typically thigh meat) in ginger, garlic, and soy sauce, then tossing it in corn starch until fully coated. It is deep fried until crisp. Traditionally, Karaage comes served with a slice of lemon, making it one of the most enjoyable meals to enjoy on National Fried Chicken Day! 

Schnitzel for National Fried Chicken DayNow let’s skip over to Germany, the home of the Schnitzel! This form of fried gloriousness comes in the form of a cutlet. Butterflied and pounded to perfection, Schnitzel is the crispy cuisine of your dreams. The quarter inch chicken cutlet is dredge in flour and then dipped into an egg bath. One last coating of extra fine breadcrumbs and you’re ready to fry! Traditionally served with spaetzle and braised red cabbage, this German favorite will certainly keep your taste buds wanting more.

Our final stop on our tour brings us to the beautiful country of Brazil. Home of the some of the most mesmerizing rain forests and beaches, loveliness is never hard to come by. The only thing that is as equally breath taking as the views of Brazil is the cuisine. Frango a Passarinho, which translates into Brazilian Fried Chicken “chicken bird”, is a lot more appetizing than it sounds. Fused with the flavors of lime and garlic, this traditional Brazilian fried chicken really packs a punch! Using wings for this recipe makes it a great dish to be served at family gatherings and sporting events.

There are so many awesome ways that different cultures serve their fried chicken, it makes us wish every day was National Fried Chicken Day! Of course, if this didn’t fix your crispy chicken craving, take a look at our tasty recipes and test them out today!



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