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New Year, New Discounts: Monthly BOGOs with MTI

New Year, New Discounts_ BOGO

What an amazing year it has been! Filled with new projects, and new customers, this past year left us excited and ready for more. In 2019, Motion Technology, Inc. ran more promotions for our customers than any year before! From our End of Summer Sale, to Twelve Days of Discounts, we tried to include as many savings as we possibly could for our clients. Yet, we thought to ourselves, we can do better.

So, that is exactly what we are going to do! For the year of 2020, we will be running a new promotion EVERY SINGLE MONTH! Yes, for the next twelve months we are going to release a new Buy One, Get One deal for all of our customers on the AutoFry Web Store. We are including all kinds of cleaners and accessories for the AutoFry and MultiChef XL, making sure there is something for everyone!

At this point, you might be asking yourself, Has MTI gone completely crazy? Well, the answer is…it is possible! We are just crazy for our customers. We know how significant each and every one of you are to our company, which is why it is important for us to find ways to keep our clients happy and always coming back. It is why we strive to have the best customer service imaginable. We show up every day, because our customers depend on us, and we depend on them.  CGR-L 6 Pack

Are you wondering what the first BOGO deal will be? MTI is kicking off this promotion on January 1st, and running it until, you guessed it, January 31st. The star of this show will be none other than our MOST POPULAR cleaner, the Liquid Carbon Grease Remover! With every purchase of our Liquid Carbon Grease Remover 6 Pack, our customers will receive and entire 6 Pack FREE! OK, maybe we are crazy…

Now, mark your calendars, and get ready. You have a whole year of BOGO deals to prepare for!Click Here for BIG Savings

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