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Service 101: Programming AutoFry Presets

Service 101 - Programming AutoFry Presets

One of my favorite things about our AutoFry, ventless deep fryer, is that it is so simple to use. Seriously if you can operate a microwave you can operate AutoFry. Just like the old infomercial, you can set it and forget it, and that is the real beauty of AutoFry, that you don’t need a fry cook to perfectly fry food. You just need the fully automated, fully ventless AutoFry.

One of the features that makes AutoFry so simple and easy to use is that you can program it with a series of presets. This means instead of manually entering in a cook time, you just choose the preset and hit start – AutoFry will do the rest. Today we’re going to walk you through the process of programming AutoFry presets, you can either follow the instructions below, or watch our short video that walks you through the process.



Instructions for Programming AutoFry Presets

  • With the AutoFry in the off position, press the 2 and 0 key at the same time.
  • Press 1 to select presets.
  • Enter password 222 then press start.
    • Preset 0 is always the last manually entered time. The name and time cannot be changed on this preset only the temp comp and basket shake can be programmed on preset 0.
  • To see/setup your first preset press the arrow key to the right.
  • You are now ready to edit Preset 1
    • Programming preset name
      • Press 1 to change the preset name.
      • Press clear to erase existing characters.
      • Use the arrow keys to position the cursor.
      • Press the 1 or the 2 key to change the character.
      • Move the cursor to change the next character.
      • Once the desired text is entered, press start to save.
    • Programming preset time.
      • Press 2 to change the preset cook time.
      • Press clear to erase the existing cook time.
      • Enter the desired cook time and press start to save.
    • Programming the temp compensation - Temp compensation automatically adjusts the cook time to account for the drop in oil temp when food is cooking.
      • Press 3 to turn on or off the temp comp.
      • Press the 1 or 2 key to change from yes to no.
        • Yes = on
        • No = off
      • Press start to save.
    • Programming the shake feature - The shake feature will automatically lift and shake the basket to prevent product sticking together.
      • Press 4 to turn on or off the shake feature.
      • To turn off, press clear and then start.
      • To turn on, press clear and enter a time between 15 and 30 seconds and press start to save.
  • Once all preset options are saved, press the arrow key to go to the next preset.
  • Once finished, press power until the screen is off.
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