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Making a Splash with AutoFry & MultiChef: Streamlining Water Park Foodservice

Making a Splash with AutoFry & MultiChef Streamlining Water Park Foodservice (1)

Now that summer is officially here, things are really starting to heat up! This means it is time to head for the closest water park to find relief from the rising temps. Water parks have it all, don’t they? Wave pools, splash pads, lazy rivers, and slides of all different shapes and sizes! Everything necessary to stay cool, and have fun all at the same time.

Churro BasketAnother ABSOLUTE MUST for water parks is a dynamite foodservice program. That’s right, owners and operators should make sure they are invested in creating a full and enjoyable experience for their visitors. This includes dining options. Quality and flavor have to be top notch. Items like chicken tenders, fries, tater tots, and churros need to be perfectly crispy. Pizzas, paninis, quesadillas, and nachos need to be exquisitely toasted and melty. A successful foodservice program will keep guests at the park longer, ultimately generating additional profits.

How can water parks implement or revitalize a foodservice program without overwhelming the staff or breaking the bank? The best solution is to invest in reliable, and efficient ventless kitchen equipment. Automatic fryers and high-speed ovens can help to eliminate human errors and streamline operations.

AutoFry is a self-contained, automatic deep-fryer that takes the hard work out of frying. Available in five different sizes,  and armed with SimpliFry Technology, a revolutionary heat/time compensation intelligence, AutoFry easily produces amazing fried food with just the press of a button. AutoFry even shakes the basket just like an actual person, so users NEVER have to come into contact with hot oil.Kid Eating Pizza

MultiChef high-speed ovens offer unbeatable speed and efficiency, reducing cooking times by more than 80% compared to traditional ovens. Equipped with a bottom heating IR element, high temperature impinged air, and precision microwave, these ovens are constructed with the highest-quality stainless steel and with a removable catalytic converter. MultiChef ovens hold up to 1024 recipes and can function in multiple languages. Their user-friendly and durable design make them an ideal appliance for any commercial kitchen.

To learn more about how simple it is to streamline a water park foodservice program with AutoFry and MultiChef just click the link below!

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