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Go Ventless: Top 3 Kitchen Hood Headaches!

Top 3 Kitchen Hood Headaches!

More and more owners and operators within the foodservice industry are realizing that the traditional commercial kitchen is no longer the standard. They are learning from the past and creating spaces that are not only efficient, but also safe for their customers and staff.

Commercial hoods or ventilation systems can cause a number of challenges for daily operations. Check out our Top 3 Kitchen Hood Headaches below and see why so many are choosing to go ventless!

Sanitation Setbacks

We cannot stress enough how vital sanitation is for a business. The health and safety of your patrons and employees should always be a top concern. That being said, exhaust hoods, when neglected or improperly cared for, have been known to create unsafe situations. In some cases, potentially toxic aromas are released, causing poor air quality. In other cases, grease has dripped from the hood/vent onto food, dishes, and utensils prior to being served. Dripping grease can also lead to smoke accumulation and possibly even a fire, creating a scary situation for anyone within the establishment. 

Moisture Increase

Let’s talk about another major problem with commercial hoods, moisture build up. A little bit of moisture isn’t a big deal, but far too often kitchens are experiencing much more than that. Unfortunately, staff members aren’t always quick to notice the increase in the dampness in the air and the problem can go untreated for quite some time. This can lead to mold growth throughout the kitchen and possibly shut down operations.

Excessive HeatExhaust with smoke 

If a hood/vent system isn’t working properly it can create negative pressure which will not only affect your kitchen, but your entire restaurant. This becomes especially dangerous the summertime when temperatures can potentially reach over 100 degrees, putting employees and diners in harm’s way.

Now, thankfully there are other ways to have a successful foodservice program without having to install these headache-causing hoods. Ventless, automatic fryers and high-speed ovens like AutoFry® & MultiChef™ allow businesses to operate independently from ventilation systems. These fryers and ovens have internal filtration mechanisms that remove grease from the air. AutoFry & MultiChef are also fully enclosed, containing irritating smoke and toxins. And did we mention they are also very easy to use and maintain? This makes training and cleaning a breeze!

For more information on how our ventless kitchen equipment can benefit your business click the link below!

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