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Food for Thought: What is Ventless Technology?

Food for Thought What is Ventless TechnologyStarting a new business or growing your existing one, can be overwhelming at times. It involves a lot of research, budgeting, time, and patience. After all, every single decision that is made can ultimately affect the future of your establishment. Kitchen equipment that utilizes Ventless Technology is the ideal solution for owners and operators looking to add a foodservice program to their business without breaking the bank.

AutoFry- Mac n Cheese BiteSo, right about now you are probably asking yourself, What is Ventless Technology? Simply put, it is specific mechanical designs that enable equipment to operate without a hood or ventilation system. No hoods? No vents? No problem! Avoid the high costs of installation and service by purchasing equipment that does all the work for you.

Internal filters play a vital role in our ventless technology here at MTI. Both the AutoFry® and MultiChef™ are constructed with their own filtration systems that are responsible for catching the grease laden air produced during operation. That’s right, our equipment does double duty by filtering the air while cooking food to perfection at the same exact time!

We are often asked what benefits come with our ventless technology, and while we know that savingMultiChef -Salmon & Sprouts w screen - Close Up -1 money whenever possible is at the top of the list, so is safety. Deep fryers and ovens can offer a variety of potential risks to your employees, specifically burns. Ventless equipment is fully enclosed and cool to the touch, keeping staff safe from hot surfaces and oil. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is another danger of working with a traditional deep fryer. This odorless and colorless gas is emitted when something is burned. The vent or hood installed with an open deep fryer helps to redirect the poisonous gas, but if that vent or hood stops functioning properly, carbon monoxide can quickly fill your entire kitchen. By operating a ventless, fully enclosed fryer, you eliminate that risk of poisonous gas.

Bottom line? When purchasing kitchen equipment for your business, ventless technology is the way to go! To find out more about our available models click below.

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