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Top 3 Money Saving Tips for the Foodservice Novice

Top 3 Money Saving Tips for the Foodservice Novice

So, you’re thinking about creating a foodservice program, but are concerned about the financial load that can come with it. Well, you would not be alone in your worry, and should know that there are ways to implement a successful program without breaking the bank.

After over 30 years in the restaurant equipment industry, we have observed businesses of all kinds, and watched as they’ve created thriving foodservice programs. Now, we have taken what we have learned and put together a list of our Top 3 Money Saving Tips for the Foodservice Novice. Check out the list below, and get started today!

Take Time To Properly Train Your Staff

We cannot stress enough how important it is to take the necessary time to train your staff. When your employees are properly prepped it helps your business avoid costly accidents or mishaps and allows it to run efficiently. From safety procedures to inventory management, you certainly don’t want to leave anything out. Protect you staff, and your bottom line!

Limit Your Food Waste

Food waste has been plaguing the foodservice industry for years, and it seems like it has only increased with the pandemic. What are some ways owners and operators can limit their waste? We recommend using frozen products when they are available. These items will last longer than fresh perishables and can be used when needed. Another good way to reduce waste is by repurposing your scraps. For example, try deep frying your carrot or potato peels, and toss them in salt & pepper or other seasonings. These crispy strips are a great addition to any appetizer menu.  

Do Your Research

So often owners and operators are unaware of the amount of options and avenues that are available to them when creating a food service program. For instance, when it comes to ovens and deep fryers, many believe they must have a hood or ventilation system in place in order to operate either piece of equipment. This means a large chunk of their budget needs to be put aside for those specific, high costs. But there are ways to avoid the need for those pricey systems. Ventless kitchen equipment like the AutoFry or MultiChef can be operated without the use of a hood or vent, allowing businesses to apply the money saved to other areas that may need it.

Well, there you have it folks, our Top 3 Money Saving Tips for the Foodservice Novice. Click below to see how MTI can help get your foodservice journey started!

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