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Drive Thru Only: Foodservice of the Future

Drive Thru Only Foodservice of the Future

Before we get to the future, let’s take a leisurely drive into the past, and the origins of the drive thru. It was 1948 near Baldwin Park, California when Harry Snyder debuted the first drive-thru that the Golden State, and the country had ever seen, In-N-Out Burger. The space was just as cozy as it can get, with about 10 square feet to operate in. Today, In-N-Out Burger is basically a household name. This historic eatery paved the road for so many others, and by the 1970’s everyone from Wienerschnitzel to McDonalds had implemented their own drive thru programs.

Fast forward to current times, we have come quite a long way from the early days of drive-thrus. The model of these compact, quick-service locations has evolved into high-tech food hubs that deliver on a new kind of dining experience. 

Take the newest Taco Bell location for example, situated in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. The Mexican-inspired chain recently introduced their newest take on the drive thru, Taco Bell Defy. This building sits two stories high with drive thru lanes running underneath. Food is delivered from above in little, futuristic shuttles. There are four lanes, and only one is a conventional drive thru lane where you caniStock-1221068052 actually speak to a human. All other orders are placed either through the digital touchscreen menu or Taco Bell App.

Behind the scenes of any advanced drive thru you will find automation and technology hard at work, keeping things running smoothly. Now, more than ever, businesses are finding ways to reimagine the way they operate, and create a plan to help them transition into the future of drive thru foodservice. A vital aspect of this is choosing the right kitchen equipment for the job. Automatic deep fryers, and highspeed ovens are ideal for creating any successful foodservice program. They continuously deliver on quality and efficiency, and ultimately contribute to dependable drive thru concepts.

The future of the drive thru seems to be upon us. Are you ready for the ride? Click the link below to find out!

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