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Food Trucks: Finding a Niche in the New Normal

Food Trucks - new normal

While most of the foodservice industry has been taking hard hits left and right, there is one area that seems to be holding their own. Food trucks proved to be a safe way to dine, when eating indoors was out of the question. A welcomed alternative to one too many home cooked meals, and a much-needed excuse to get out of the house.

After years of growth and development within the industry, today there is a food truck for just about anything your heart desires. From savory tacos to sugary beignets, the offerings are unreal. If you crave it, then there is probably a food truck somewhere that serves it! Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, these food-serving saviors on wheels know how to deliver flavor.foodtruck40c

Throughout this past year, as businesses shuttered, food trucks found themselves becoming more and more desirable. Owners and operators have the benefit of setting up shop in one specific area with high foot traffic, or relocating day to day to expand their customer reach. With a brick and mortar, patrons have to come to you, unless you offer delivery. Food trucks however, create a following;  no matter where a truck lands for the day, people will find it. Some businesses even have apps that update their followers with service locations and times, making it super simple to track the good grub.

Owning and operating a food truck is no easy feat. It takes time, creativity, and the proper budgeting to build a successful program. One of the largest expenses tends to be associated with kitchen equipment. Hood and vent systems in particular can cost a pretty penny. We are talking upwards of $30,000.00. These high costs can be avoided by purchasing ventless fryers and ovens like the AutoFry® or MultiChef XL™. Plus, no need to hire a professional cook, with just the press of a few buttons anyone can serve up delicious food with ease.

As we look towards the future, and focus on the new normal, we are excited to be a part of the evolution of an already thriving industry. Click the link below and see how MTI can help fuel your food truck future!

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