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Cinema Week: Fueling the Future with Foodservice

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Happy Cinema Week! If you aren’t familiar, in a nutshell, Cinema Week is an amazing nationwide campaign to unite cinemas and to put butts in seats. This special week highlights exclusive in-theater material, early access screenings, and even pop-up red about fancy! There may even be some surprise celebrity appearances.

Never have we ever needed Cinema Week like we do now. 2021 is the year of the comeback, and it is no different for movie theatres. Now is the time to make going to the movies mainstream again. One of the best ways for cinemas to entice patrons back to the big screen is by offering fun and tasty food selections. While classics like buttery popcorn and chocolate covered raisins are always going to have a home at the concession stand, it doesn’t mean new menu items can’t be added.

Today, theatre guests are looking for the complete experience. They not only want to be wowed by the movie they are watching, but by the food they are eating. Here, at MTI we love coming up with creative recipes for different businesses, especially cinemas. Take our Nashville HotiStock-657631120 Chicken Flatbread. This bad boy is loaded with crispy fried chicken that has been tossed in a traditional hot and tangy sauce, topped with shredded mozzarella cheese and finished with salty dill pickle chips. Can you say FLAVOR OVERLOAD?!

Now, that was just one possible menu option, but you are truly only limited by your own imagination. Especially if you have the right kitchen equipment for the job. Our lines of ventless deep-fryers and ovens are ideal for cinemas both large and small. From national chains to individual, local venues, we’ve got what theatres need to serve up deliciousness quickly and efficiently. All of our equipment is easy and safe to use, requiring minimal training for employees, making it the ideal choice for new or existing companies.

So, if you are looking to give your customers a red carpet, cinema foodservice experience, then look no further than Motion Technology, Inc.

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