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Back in Business: Movie Theatre Madness

Movie theatre madness

After a year of endless setbacks, the cinema industry is ready to get back to business and welcome their guests to the new and improved world of movie magic. Theatres have been making changes behind the scenes to create the safest and most enjoyable experience possible for their faithful patrons. From full theatre rentals to elevated dining options, it is movie theatre madness and they’re pulling out all the stops!

There is nothing like a night out at the movies. Some of us may feel like we have forgotten that recently, but no need to worry, the theatres are ready to remind us. This time, when we head to the cinema, we will be greeted with some things we might not have been expecting. For instance, you may choose to privately view a movie with nine of your closest friends and no one else. That’s right, just you, nine people of your choosing and the big screen!

Even the smells of the cinema may be a bit different when we return. Sure, the classic aroma of popcorn will always be in the air, but it won’t be the only scent. The satisfying fragrance of new menu items will greet your nose the moment you walk through the doors. What kind of tasty options willFreid Chicken Sammy 7_15_20 -1 guests have to choose from? Everything from Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwiches to Bacon & Pineapple Flatbreads are making their way to movie theatre menus. Even the way the food is enjoyed has changed. Many cinemas offer full-service dining, allowing patrons to order the food and have it delivered right to their seats, bringing a whole new meaning to dinner and a movie!

So, how do owners and operators keep up with the growing movie theatre madness? One of the best ways is to make sure their kitchens are properly stocked with the best equipment. Ventless deep-fryers and ovens are great for keeping up with busy nights and weekends. Easy to use and maintain, any employee can operate them, which is important for businesses running on a limited staff. Not to mention, by avoiding the need to install a hood or ventilation system, theatres save up to $30,000.00 in costs. And let’s face it, businesses have to do whatever they can to regain ground as the world begins to reopen.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to arm your movie theatre with the tools you need to grow and flourish in the days ahead.

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