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Making a Menu: Different Fry Cuts and How to Serve Them!

Making a Menu Different Fry Cuts and how to serve them

There is something magical about frying food, especially potatoes. They are delicious, versatile, and available in so many different shapes and sizes. It really is no wonder that fries are a staple on pretty much any and every food menu.

As the makers of AutoFry®, we are no strangers to these deep-fried finger foods. We LOVE preparing all types of fries and figuring out the best way to dish them out! So, we thought it only made sense to put together our own list of different fry cuts and our favorite ways to serve them up.

Check them out below and be sure to give them a try!

Batonnet Fries


Batonnet: This is the most popular cut of fry that is used within the foodservice industry. Perfect to serve with a classic cheese burger or chicken sandwich!

Crinkle fries


Crinkle: These fries are made with a special zig-zag cutter to create crispy ridges, great for holding thick sauces. Serve them up covered in thick melted cheese and bacon.  

Waffle fries


Waffle: One of the more unique cuts, we think it is best to keep waffle fries simple with a savory seasoning blend. The corners of the small windows are great for catching the seasoning! 



Wedges: This may be the heartiest and the most simple of cuts. The skin stays on, resulting in a more rustic fry. Wedges are great to serve with comfort foods like fried chicken or a meatloaf sandwich.

Tater Tots Circle


Tater Tots: Tots are just begging to be eaten with a fork! Load them with all kinds of toppings like roasted chicken, shredded cheese, black olives, & BBQ sauce!

Shoestring fries  Circle


Shoestring: Another classic cut! If you haven't guessed, shoestring fries are long and know, like a shoestring! They are also crispy, salty, and absolutely delicious all on their own...or with a little ketchup! 

Curly Fries Circle


Curly: These fries were meant to be fun, and we think that is exactly how they should be served! You can pair them with a mix of dipping sauces like ranch, blue cheese, and boom boom sauce.

Matchstick Fries Circle


Matchstick: Similar to shoestring fries, but smaller, these fries really do resemble matchsticks. The best way to serve these fries are on top of a burger or sandwich!  

So many fries, and so many tasty possibilities! Offering different cuts of fries has never been easier. AutoFry is the ventless, fully automated, electric fryer that seamlessly prepares all of these cuts of fries and more with just the press of a button. Click below to speak to a representative today to find out more!

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