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Say Goodbye to Summer & Save Big with MTI

Say Goodbye to Summer

Nobody wants to say goodbye to Summer. The warm sun, the long nights, we wish it could last all year long! While here at Motion Technology Inc., we can’t make Summer last forever, we can certainly try and ease the pain. We think the best way to get over the end of this wonderful season is by offering BIG savings to our loyal customers!

If they’re happy, then we’re happy! We have spent nearly thirty years doing what is best for our clients and we are not about to stop now. Transitioning through seasonal menus and dining trends can be difficult and at times costly. Keeping that in mind, we thought right now would be the perfect time to bring a little break to our customers' bank accounts.   Autofry-Group_colorcorrected

So, exactly what kind of savings are we talking here? For starters, we are applying a 15% discount on our best cleaners and accessories! That’s right, from Carbon-Off to oil pots, we are going discount crazy! Performing daily and weekly cleanings is vital to the performance of the AutoFry. Our cleaners and accessories are designed specifically for our ventless equipment, each one with their own distinct purpose. All our customers have to do to access these great savings is type in the code SUMMER19 when checking out at the AutoFry Web Store.   

Don’t worry, that isn’t the only offer we have for our faithful clientele! When they are the browsing through the web store, they will notice our newest addition, the Bundle & Save section. Here, they will find specific parts and accessories that have been bundled together and priced at an unbeatable value! Our customers will save big on items that assist each other in the operation of our equipment.   

But wait, there’s more! This might be the most exciting part of the entire sale! In the  past, we carried a product that helped protect our equipment against greasy build-up. Due to sourcing complications, we had to temporarily discontinue this item. After endless searching, we are proud to announce, back by popular demand, MTI Shield has returned! MTI Shield creates an invisible barrier between the AutoFry and grease, to make cleaning easy and keep the AutoFry looking great! For our end of Summer sale only, we are giving away a free bottle of MTI Shield with every order that includes the Promo code SUMMER19.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to and save big while the sale lasts!

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