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Spicy Slices and Expansion Dreams: A Delicious Recap of the 2024 International Pizza Expo & Conference

& CONFERENCELast week, pizza aficionados and industry professionals from around the globe gathered at the Las Vegas Convention Center for the highly anticipated 2024 International Pizza Expo & Conference. As the premier event in the pizza industry, it showcased the latest trends, innovations, and insights shaping the world of pizza.

Take a look below at the ones that we thought stood out the most!

Hot Honey Craze Sweeps the Expo: One of the standout trends at this year's expo was the skyrocketing popularity of hot honey. Exhibitors and attendees alike couldn't get enough of this sweet and spicy condiment, which has become a must-have topping for pizza lovers everywhere. From drizzling it over traditional margheritas to pairing it with savory meat pies, hot honey proved to be a versatile and irresistible addition to any pizza menu.Food Display - Pizza Expo 2024

Expansion Fever: Another key takeaway from the expo was the widespread desire among pizzeria owners to expand their businesses. Whether it's by adding new fried items to their menus, or opening additional locations, the focus was clearly on growth. Attendees were eager to explore opportunities for expansion and learn from industry experts about how to successfully scale their operations while maintaining quality and consistency.

Embracing Automation: In a fast-paced industry where time is money, the importance of automation and efficiency was a recurring theme throughout the expo. From cutting-edge automated deep-fryers like AutoFry® to streamlined ordering systems, vendors showcased a wide range of tools and technologies designed to help pizzerias save time and labor costs while maximizing productivity. As competition heats up and consumer expectations continue to rise, embracing automation has become essential for staying ahead of the curve.

Overall, the 2024 International Pizza Expo & Conference was a resounding success, offering more attendees than any year before a tantalizing glimpse into the future of the pizza industry. With hot honey taking center stage, a growing appetite for expansion, and a relentless focus on automation, it's clear that the world of pizza is as vibrant and dynamic as ever. Until next year's expo, pizza enthusiasts will eagerly await the next slice of innovation and inspiration.

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