Twelve Days of Christmas with Motion Technology

Dec 17, 2015 6:29:29 AM by Bess Couture

Twelve Days of Christmas with Motion Technology

This week we’ve been singing the twelve days of Christmas – but our lyrics are probably a little different than you’re used to. For instance, we got rid of the partridge in a pear tree (because really, who want’s one of those, let alone one of those for each of the twelve days of Christmas!) and swapped in an AutoFry cleaning kit – one of our best selling items on the AutoFry Webstore. Today, we reveal our full 12 items for Christmas, what they’re good for and where you can get them!

First, let’s all sing along:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
Twelve fryers frying,
Eleven loaded French fries,
Ten Mir-Oil Buckets,
Nine Chicken Tenders,
Eight MultiChefs,
Seven AutoFilters,
Six Nat-Force Towels,
Five Onion Rings,
Four Filter Packs,
Three Heat Lamps,
Two Fresh Baked Pies,
And an AutoFry Cleaning Kit.

Talk about Santa hitting every note on your Christmas List! Let’s break some of the song down for more details. Like those two fresh baked pies, did you know you can make DELICIOUS pizza from scratch in your MultiChef high speed oven? Yes that’s right, you can use one of your eight new MultiChef’s to produce really high quality pizza. 

MTI Twelve Days of Christmas | Onion Rings

How about those five onion rings, how do you plan on keeping them warm? Of course you might just want to eat them, but since you’ve got your three heat lamps, we suggests hooking them up to your twelve fryers frying and keep those onion rings hot and ready for consumption. Our heat lamps fit right onto the side of your AutoFry, just be sure you order the correct heat lamp depending on which side of the machine you want to place it on (based on if you have a right or left side food dump).

AutoFry Snowflake
Since you’ve got twelve fryers frying, you are going to want to use your four filter packs to keep your machine running efficiently. Each filter pack comes with four charcoal filters and 2 mesh filters, enough to last you a full year. Don’t forget to change you charcoal filter every three months and the mesh filter every six months.

After you fry up your nine chicken tenders, you’ll probably be looking at some dirty oil in your fry pots, the result of crumbs and breading falling off during the frying process. So what’s a Christmas-Crusader to do with all that dirty oil? Why not run it through an AutoFilter cycle to get rid of all that nasty stuff! Using AutoFilter regularly within your oil maintenance routine can extend oil life by up to 50%. Wow.

Now, lets say you’ve cooked your nine chicken tenders for seven days in a row…. Hopefully you know it’s time to change that oil! As a general rule, we recommend filtering daily and changing oil once a week. Thankfully, you’ve got ten mir-oil buckets with sealable lids to help in that dumping process! They’re also part of the mir-oil filtering system, our manual filtering alternative to AutoFilter.

MultiChef SnowFlakeLast up, you’ve eaten all the loaded fries you could ever stand to eat and somewhere along the line of binge eating fries you mucked up your beautiful twelve fryers with greasy finger prints! Gross! Time to clean up those bad boys with some Nat-Force Degreaser towels – these heavy duty disposable towels wipe the grease right off! And if you’re still having grease issues you’re AutoFry Cleaning kit comes with everything you’ll need to finish the job, and it’s a best value with special kit pricing!

With all that Christmas cheer you’re sure to have a wonderful holiday with the ones you love! Until next time, from all of us here at Motion Technology, we wish you a very merry Christmas!

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