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Meet the New MutltiChef and AutoFry Rebate Partner: Curdtown

Meet Curdtown, our newest rebate partner!

Little Miss Muffet, sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey. We’ve all heard this nursery rhyme and yet few have stopped to ask what the heck Miss Muffet was eating. Today, we ditch the whey to talk cheese curds, as we introduce our newest MultiChef and AutoFry rebate partner, Curdtown!

We met Curdtown last year at IAAPA and instantly knew that we would make a great partnership. Their cheese curds are straight up one of the best tasting things that have ever graced our fryers and ovens. And we love that you can cook them in either application and still reach a delicious final product. This rebate is truly versatile and a great added benefit to those who purchase one of our ventless fryers and ovens.

Curdtown Curd making processNot sure what a cheese curd is?

Allow me share the process with you! Cheese curds start with fresh milk, in Curdtown’s case, fresh milk from Wisconsin cows. The milk is pasteurized, much like the process of creating cheese – but during this process a starter is added to the milk to encourage clotting. Once the milk is pasteurized you’re left with a mixture of curds and whey (yes, the stuff Miss Muffet was eating on a tuffet!)

The mixture is then cooked and pressed to extract the whey from the curds. Finally the curds get cut into little bite sized portions and coated in a golden panko-base breading that’s been seasoned to perfection. And of course with Curdtown, you can get the breading in two different seasonings depending on your preference.


Why Curdtown?

Curdtown cheese curds are especially wonderful for a few distinct reasons. To start, Curdtown gets its cheese curds exclusively from Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery in Wisconsin who uses rBST free milk to make their curds. If you’re not familiar with the term, rBST is a growth hormone frequently given to cows to produce more milk than is considered normal. Meaning: The cows Curdtown works with are treated humanely. Next, the breading that Curdtown uses is a high-end Japanese panko breading, providing a delicious texture and crunch with each curd. Most importantly for cheese lovers: Curdtown cheese curds are 2/3 cheese and 1/3 breading, so you get more cheese packed into every bite. You can learn even more about Curdtown here!


How does the rebate work?

So now that you know a little more about our latest rebate partner, let’s talk about the deal and how you can use curds on your menu! For this rebate, with every new machine purchased, you’ll receive up to $500 in BOGO cash back rebates from Curdtown. You can use this rebate towards either Curdtown’s regular or seasoned curds, depending on what fits your business the best. And I can assure you, once your customers taste these delicious morsels, you’ll never think of removing them from your menu! Best of all, it doesn't matter if you've got one of our ovens or fryers, this rebate works well in both cooking applications! 


Menu Ideas

CheeseCurdShowcase.pngWe suggest adding curds to your menu in multiple ways. First as an appetizer – these curds are impossible to resist, your customers will love eating them as a starter to their meal or as a happy hour special! Plus, check out the graphic below for some delicious sauce recipes to go along with your curds.

Next you can offer the curds as a topper for burgers, tacos and pizza, which is as delicious as it sounds! And finally, don’t forget sides! Many guests would be happy to substitute fries for curds, and it always bodes well when you give your customers more options!



Sauce Ideas



More about Rebates

Our MultiChef and AutoFry rebate program is a wonderful added benefit for all of our customers. With each equipment purchase, customers receive over $3,500 in rebates to help get their foodservice program started. MultiChef and AutoFry rebate partners are all hand selected to ensure that they are truly beneficial for our customers and help us fulfill our goal of making foodservice easy! To learn more about our rebate program visit our rebate page and discover all the ways you can utilize your purchase to save money!


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