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Pot of Gold Profits with the AutoFry and MultiChef XL

Pot of Gold Profits BundleCreating and running a successful business in the foodservice industry is both demanding and stressful. There are so many things to take into consideration when making decisions for your establishment. From equipment purchases to menu items, Motion Technology Inc., understands the stresses that come with these choices and we want to help make the decision making as simple as possible. This is why we are currently running a special bundle discount when you purchase an AutoFry and MultiChef XL together.Bundle and & Save Menu 2_28_2019-1

We are no strangers to saving our clients money. All of our machines are ventless, this means owners and operators do not have to worry about costly hood installations. That’s a possibility of $14,000.00 in savings! We don’t think it needs to be that expensive to run the business you’ve always wanted. By combining both the AutoFry and MultiChef XL you are arming your company with the best two pieces of equipment to run a successful service from dusk ‘til dawn.

Speed is essential, and the AutoFry serves up delicious fried fare in just minutes. Unlike your typical commercial open fryer, the AutoFry is fully enclosed, keeping employees safe from grease splatter. Users simply open the food chute at the front of the machine and load their product. Closing the chute drops the product into the hot oil. Cook time is inputted on the key pad and when finished, product automatically dumps from the AutoFry into your pan. Talk about fast and simple! One of the features that makes AutoFry so easy to use is that you can program it with a series of presets. This means rather than manually entering in a cook time, you just choose the preset and hit start, AutoFry will do the rest. And did we mention the AutoFry comes in six different sizes, so we are sure to have one that fits your service needs. 

Speaking of simple, lets talk about the MultiChef XL. Our high-speed oven operates with a combination of convection, rapid impinged air, bottom infrared, and precision microwave to reduce cook times. MultiChef XL comes with 80 preset recipes ranging from cinnamon rolls to fresh salmon, and everything in between. Imagine roasting fresh vegetables in only 2 minutes and 30 seconds, or a  fresh quesadilla in just 55 seconds! Roast, bake, steam, reheat, and toast, this oven can do it all with the press of just two buttons! We have even created a troubleshooting recipe guide to help our clients prepare  their own preset recipes onto the oven. 

Now, these machines are a force to be reckoned with on their own, but together they are unstoppable. Take your menu to another level by creating delicious dishes like Loaded Totchos and Chicken Cordon Bleu Paninis, easily created with both the AutoFry and MultiChef XL. With irresistible menu options and money saving equipment you will watch your bottom line increase right before your very own eyes!

So, don’t wait for a rainbow to lead you to that pot of gold, contact us today and learn how you can save big with Motion Technology Inc.  

Bundle & Save

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