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Innovative Foodservice Equipment: Introducing the AutoFry MTI-5LV

Innovative Foodservice Equipment Introducing the AutoFry MTI-5LV (1)At Motion Technology, Inc., we have continuously challenged ourselves to innovate and push beyond the limits, particularly as we've crafted and improved our line of ventless equipment. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We value and take into consideration all feedback provided by our clients. Upon learning that some businesses were seeking ways to avoid the expenses of electrical upgrades while implementing their foodservice programs, we decided to roll up our sleeves and get to work!

In time, we brought to fruition the newest member of the MTI family, the AutoFry® MTI-5LV! This automatic, ventless, commercial deep-fryer will benefit businesses running on 120 Volts, 1800 Watts, and 15 Amps. With the ability to fry up to 2lbs. of product per fry cycle, the MTI-5LV can easily assist with executing a successful food menu. Simply plug in and you are ready to start frying!

What can owners and operators expect to serve with the MTI-5LV? Well, just about anything andMozz Sticks 10_19_20 everything! Whether it is frozen, previously prepared items, or fresh, raw products, AutoFry has you covered. Fry up classics like a fried chicken sandwich and fries or fish n chips. What about appetizers? Spicy jalapeno poppers, crispy wings, and cheesy mozzarella sticks are just a few tasty examples.

Proudly made with American steel and labor in Hudson, Massachusetts, our ventless, commercial fryers are completely electric and automated, taking the hard work out of frying and ensuring a quality product output day in and out. Simplifry™ Technology, a revolutionary heat/time compensation intelligence, helps you to serve up perfectly prepared menu items


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