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Keeping it Cheesy! Building a Better Menu with Curdtown

Keeping it Cheesy!

There really isn’t anything more versatile than cheese. Whether it is used as a topping, a side or the center of an entree, cheese never disappoints. From tons of flavors and types to equally as many forms of preparation, your cheesy options are endless!  Here, at Motion Technology Inc., we prefer our cheese fried to perfection in the AutoFry.  Now, when it comes to deep frying cheese there is really only one option, deliciously crispy cheese curds from our friends at Curdtown!

Curdtown has created a product that is not only tasty, but also versatile. When it comes to adding them to a menu, you have a massive amount of options. These crispy little delights are perfect for appetizers, side dishes or even a main course. See your profits pile up when you add fun items like, cheese curd nachos, topped with fresh salsa and Curdtown-logo.jpg 1guacamole. Or an outrageous cheese curd burger. A juicy all beef patty, covered in bacon, spicy mayo, and of course Curdtown cheese curds!

With MTI and Curdtown there is no stopping your creativity. Don't be afraid to incorporate cheese curds into any dish. We are always messing around with new recipes in our test kitchen and we found that fried cheese just makes everything taste better. The richness and texture of these breaded beauties elevates the eating experience of some of our favorite menu items like, flatbread pizzas, sandwiches, and even quesadillas! 

Adding interesting menu items is a great way to increase foot traffic. Once word gets out about all of your crazy cheese curd dishes, there will be no stopping the feeding frenzy at your door! Our AutoFry ensures that each curd is perfectly fried each time, guaranteeing a top-notch, tasty product that everyone will love! Furthermore, our ventless deep fryers are fully enclosed and controlled with the press of just a couple buttons, making them user friendly and safe for all of your employees.  

thumbnail-website-20our-20product-20image-201We want all of our AutoFry customers to experience the euphoria that comes with indulging in these cheesy balls of goodness. For this reason, we partnered with Curdtown for our MTI Rebate Program. This program gives our clients the opportunity to receive up to $500 in Buy One Get One cash back rebates on cases of plain and seasoned Curdtown Cheese Curds with any new equipment purchase. Just plug in your new AutoFry and hit the ground running with one of the best tasting products out there!

Don’t waste any more time, click below to see  how the AutoFry and Curdtown can start growing your bottom line!

Curdtown AutoFry Rebates


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