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C-Store Snack Trends: What’s Hot and Why?

C-Store TrendsWhen walking through the doors of your favorite local c-store the last thing you expect to encounter are elevated snacks like parmesan fries, Sriracha wings, and Cuban sandwich sliders. Many believe their food options are still limited to hot dogs and round nacho chips served with a very questionable orange cheese for dipping. But boy are they wrong! Today, convenience stores are bringing their A game and delivering sensational snacks for all times of the day. Daily patrons can walk into a convenience store and back out the door in minutes with a tasty treat to hold them over. Here, at Motion Technology Inc we know the importance of keeping up with the times and trends, and we are excited to help convenience stores do exactly that with our line of ventless kitchen equipment.

What is driving these new c-store food trends? While there are a few different factors, the one with probably the most impact is the increase in frequency of visits from Millennials and Generation Z . These age groups are looking for good food, that they can get quick, while still being able to pay back their student loans. This is where the convenience store Flatbreadcomes in, with a little help from MTI of course. Things like margherita flatbread pizzas and vegetarian black bean quesadillas are elevating the snacking options in c-stores across the country. Even simple additions like extravagant toppings for fresh from the fryer French fries can make a huge impact on a foodservice program. With the AutoFry, MultiChef XL, and VentaGrill C-Stores have everything they need to boost their menus and draw in the crowds. Anyone of our products is ideal for preparing appetizing fare in a short amount of time.

So, what else are they eating at convenience stores these days? Well as it turns out, some pretty good food. Snacks like fried macaroni and cheese, toasted Italian subs (grinders for my fellow New Englanders), and even freshly baked cookies are helping owners fill their stores and increase revenue. Sensational snacks that can be prepared and served quickly is exactly what people are looking for and by appealing to the younger generations you are helping to ensure a steady increase in foot traffic and sales.

Young people live on social media, post photos and check into locations every chance they get. Convenience Vegetarian_Black_Bean_Quesadillastores are no exception. By serving Insta-worthy food options a c-store is creating their own advertising. If the food is tasty and looks good, it will be shared on social media, and once the word gets out just how tasty that food is, daily patron visits will increase.    

It is a whole new world for convenience stores. Now more than ever food is playing an important role in the success of c-stores. Keeping up with the changing food trends is vital for continuous growth and its never too late to equip your store with the right tools to help bring great food to the short on time masses. Let MTI help your store serve scrumptious snacks that your patrons will love and keep coming back for.

For more information on the benefits of adding a foodservice program to your business click on the tab below!

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