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The Future of C-Stores: Delivery or Bust?

the future of c-stores 12_1_2020

This year has brought many changes to many different industries. Across the board companies are reevaluating their business plans and finding new ways to thrive. Foodservice delivery programs seem to be the saving grace for many owners and operators, especially when it comes convenience stores. In 2019 convenience stores throughout the country were seeing growth in the prepared food and beverage departments. That growth was abruptly struck down by the pandemic. Now, we are seeing revitalization with the addition of food delivery programs.

Earlier this year DoorDash partnered with big name stores like 7-Eleven and Circle K to bring essential household items and more, right to the consumer’s doorstep. Then, in August they debuted their newest program, DashMart, an online convenience store that delivers orders in as little as thirty minutes. There is no denying that c-stores need to stay competitive and focus on ways to keep sales on the up and up; and one of the best ways to do that is with a foodservice delivery program.iStock-637238778

In order to have a successful foodservice program, businesses need to serve delicious, perfectly prepared product. With Motion Technology, Inc. they can do just that! The AutoFry® and MultiChef XL™ are easy to use and create consistent end results. From the Simplifry™ technology of our fryers, to the pre-tested and pre-programmed recipe database of our oven, we’ve got quality covered!

Convenience stores can cook up just about anything with our products. From deep fryer favorites like, French fries, chicken wings and mozzarella sticks, to outstanding oven options like flatbread pizzas, paninis and quesadillas, our ventless kitchen equipment can pretty much do it all. Plus, because the MultiChef XL and AutoFry are ventless, our customers save on costly hood or vent installations, allowing them to focus funds elsewhere.

It is hard to know what the future holds for c-stores, but one thing seems to be for certain, delivery isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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