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Dominant Diners: Are you in a Millennial State of Mind?

Dominant Diners

Well folks, we are still flying high off of all the excitement of the National Restaurant Association Show! Once again it was jam packed with technological advancements, new trends, and delicious food. One of the most important things that Motion Technology Inc., took away from this year’s show was the importance in catering to millennial diners. Millennials are looking for certain things to get the most out of their dining experience, so let’s take a look at what exactly those things are!

It is 2019 and one of the biggest things in foodservice is delivery. With food delivery apps like, Grub Hub, Door Dash and Uber Eats, the at home dining possibilities are endless. For millennials, these apps provide a solution to a never-ending need for convenience. Having a jam-packed schedule can make it seem impossible to fit in a meal, let alone Uber Eatsthree. But when EVERYWHERE delivers, finding something tasty just isn’t an issue! Restaurants can capitalize on delivery by owning the right equipment. With our high-speed oven and fully contained fryers, operators can prepare delicious food quickly, to keep up with the need for delivery.

But no one wants to eat in every night. Young people still want to get out, when they can afford it, and submerge themselves in the experience of dining in a restaurant. Experience is key. Today, diners want food that not only tastes amazing, but looks and sounds amazing too. Fun names, or even themed dishes are a great way to attract millennial diners. They want to post about it before they take that first bite, ensuring the world knows where they ate, and just how fabulous the whole experience was. Even customizing dishes is the perfect way to heighten the meal. Again, capitalizing on this means having the right tools. Our MultiChef XL oven prepares photo-worthy pizzas and quesadillas in no time at all, keeping cameras flashing and guests posting.Girl with Pizza

Now, it can’t be all about convenience and good looks. Millennials are passionate about a lot of things, but one thing in particular that concerns young diners is how their meal affects the environment. From paper straws to food composting, millennials just want to make sure there is a future for this big, beautiful planet. Here, at MTI we understand the need to do our part. For about 30 years we have been producing the AutoFry, a ventless fryer that can pretty much fry up anything under sun, and we know the best frying practices. Filtering your oil is essential for good tasting food, but also for the environment. With our oil filtration systems, you can feel good knowing that you’re cutting down on your total carbon footprint as you reduce the amount of oil you use. By reducing your oil usage, you reduce your footprint in transportation, production and emissions related to the buying of unnecessary oil. Fried food without the guilt...well, kind of!

This year’s NRA Show was packed with new information and inspiring innovations. It seems pretty clear to us the foodservice industry is growing and reaching all new kinds heights. Delivery, technology, and experience seems to be leading the way and Motion Technology Inc., could not be more excited to be along for the ride!  

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