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Just the Basics: MultiChef XL Sample Menu

Just the Basics_ MultiChef XL Sample Menu 2MultiChefPurchasing new kitchen equipment can feel over whelming, but with Motion Technology Inc., it doesn't have to be. We make it is easy to determine the perfect tools to meet your business needs. Our ventless oven and fryers are ideal for keeping you within your budget, while providing consistent product with every use. For over 25 years we have perfected our equipment to meet the needs of the busy food service industry, and we could not be prouder of the speed pizza-1344720_960_720and precision in which our machines operate. In just minutes you can serve up fully cooked fare for your hungry patrons!

Now, as proud as we are of our ventless kitchen equipment, we are equally as proud of the tools we have created to assist our clients in operation and maintenance. From cleaning guides to maintenance charts, we have really tried to supply our clients with as many helpful devices as possible. This is especially true for one of our newest members of the MTI family, the MultiChef XL.

After introducing our new high-speed oven, we wanted to create a variety of tools for our clients, one of which is our chicken quesadillaMultiChef XL Sample Menu. This four-page guide is intended to assist new users in creating their own MultiChef XL menu. It gives the MultiChef XL owner a quick breakdown of the cooking range the oven possesses. From breakfast to pizzas, the menu touches on the most important dishes for businesses like convenience stores, QSRs, and full-service restaurants.

 It is important for an operator or owner to have a good idea of what they want to cook MCXL Chickenwhen in the market for new equipment. With our Sample Menu, our clients can see for themselves the wide variety of items, and the short cook times they can be prepared in.  From fresh vegetables to raw, lean, boneless proteins there isn’t much this oven can’t cook! So don’t wait, check out the MultiChef XL Sample Menu by clicking below and see why it is the perfect high speed oven for your business.


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