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Brewery Food Service: What To Do When Food Trucks Aren’t An Option

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With ever changing guidelines throughout the food and beverage industries it is vital for breweries to do whatever necessary to keep customers coming through the doors. These days, that means serving food. In the wake of the pandemic, in many states, breweries can only remain open if they offer dining options. This leaves them to rely on outside sources like food trucks or neighboring restaurants. In some places, like Massachusetts, food must be prepared on-site, creating an extra hurdle for the industry. Potato chips, pretzels, and other similar pre-packaged, shelf stable foods, or other food prepared off-site, do not constitute food “prepared on-site.”. At this point, many owners and operators are searching for ways to implement a food service program without having to depend on a food truck.

Adding a food menu to your brewery can seem like an overwhelming task. It is understandable to worry about things like, additional staff, hood or vent installation, and kitchen space. But those worries can be avoided. There is a way for your brewery to have a successful food service program that allows you to keep your profits in house in an easy and affordable way.

At Motion Technology, Inc. we have been supplying our ventless kitchen equipment all over the world for over three decades. From our line of fully automated deep fryers, the AutoFry®, to our high-speed oven, the MultiChef XL™, there is almost nothing your brewery can’t prepare. Create funky flatbread pizzas topped with cheese, crumbled bacon and sweet onion jam, or tater tots with a twist, loaded with fresh salsa, melted cheese and sour cream. Make your dinner menu as unique as your tap lineup, the possibilities are endless!


Now, while it is mostly about the food, we can not forget about how easy our equipment is to use and maintain. Both the AutoFry and MultiChef XL can be found in businesses like movie theatres, convenience stores and quick serve restaurants, where they are mostly operated by teenagers. There is no need to hire a professional chef or cook! Furthermore, we have created a ton of helpful videos and guides to assist with everything from your daily and weekly cleanings, to recipe creation.

So, what are you waiting for? Click below and learn what to do when food trucks aren’t an option!

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