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Delivery & Takeout: The Dining Takeover

Delivery & TakeoutWhile food delivery and takeout are in no way new phenomenons, they have changed quite a bit over the last couple of years. More than ever people are choosing to order food through delivery and takeout applications. The introduction of Grub Hub, UberEATS and DoorDash has provided endless dining options for hungry people in almost any location!

iStock-637238778Restaurants are now faced with a choice, hop on the delivery & takeout train, or get left at the station. Whether they like it or not, these new apps seem to be here to stay and the livelihood of their business may depend on it. Convenience is a huge deciding factor when it comes to dining options, owners and operators must stay competitive by keeping up with the need and want of off premises dining.

Implementing delivery and takeout doesn’t need to be a strenuous shift in your business strategies. When it comes to ordering out, it is important for restaurants to arm themselves with the right tools. Here at Motion Technology Inc., we know our ventless kitchen equipment is ideal for preparing food quickly and efficiently, and we want everyone to know! With our products, businesses can create delicious dishes in no time at all, Pizza in Boxwithout breaking the bank. Whether it is tasty flatbreads and quesadillas in the MultiChef XL or chicken, fried-to-perfection in the AutoFry, the possibilities are practically endless.

Our ventless kitchen equipment requires no hoods, saving our clients on costly installations fees. Additionally, they are easy to operate, allowing any employee to fulfill a position that may have otherwise needed to go to a fry cook. And who doesn’t want to save on those rising wages? With just the press of a couple buttons our products transform any establishment into a food preparation powerhouse! 

Is your business ready for the delivery and takeout dining takeover?

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