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Revolutionizing Deep-Frying Efficiency: Exploring the New AutoFry Touchscreen Technology!

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Today is a BIG DAY for all of us at Motion Technology, Inc. Behind the scenes, we have been busy, working hard on a very special project and we are extremely excited to share it with the entire foodservice industry. We proudly bring to you our BRAND NEW AutoFry® Touchscreen!

This sleek touchscreen is jam-packed with updated features that are designed to provide users with a stress-free, deep-frying experience. From filter status reports to cooking statistics, this touchscreen was created with only the best frying practices in mind. So, let’s dive in a little deeper to some of these new features we are most eager to share!

Preset ImagesAutoFry Touchscreen - Cooking Statistics

These crisp images help the user identify the preset with ease, leaving less room for errors. The selected preset image remains on the screen throughout the entire cooking cycle. This proves to be especially beneficial during the three major day parts: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Cooking Statistics

This screen provides a list of the menu presets along with a cycle and hour count. Users can track menu offerings and determine which are more popular with their customer base. It also allows them to make informed decisions when budgeting for inventory and marketing/promotions.

Filter Life Status

AutoFry is equipped with internal filters that allow it to operate without a hood or ventilation system. This means filter changes are vital to AutoFry's operation. Filter life statuses are visible all at once in a graph format and also displayed as a percentage. The Filter Life Status screen will also provide the date of the last filter change and is automatically adjusted based on usage.

Now, that is just a taste of what our new AutoFry Touchscreen has to offer your foodservice program. Click HERE learn about all the other innovative features that await you and your business.

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