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Concert Venue Foodservice: AutoFry MTI-40E Receives a Standing Ovation

Concert Venue Foodservice The AutoFry MTI-40E Receives a Standing OvationWho doesn’t love going to a concert? Seeing a band or artist you love and admire, while simultaneously surrounded by people who feel the exact same way is such an amazing experience. Concert venues need to do their best to ensure that they are contributing to that same experience and elevating it as much as they possibly can.

Foodservice is one area in particular that owners and operators should really focus on. Like music, food can elicit all kinds of positive emotions. This means venues have an opportunity to provide a delicious foodservice program that creates an experience that will keep people coming back for more. In order to implement a program that really resonates with concert goers, owners and operators must begin by determining what kitchen equipment is best for the job. It has to be efficient, reliable, and able to keep up with the hungry crowds.

The AutoFry MTI-40E checks all of those boxes! This fully automated and enclosed double basket deep-Fried Food Blog Bannerfryer is ideal for preparing large amounts (8 lbs. of product per cycle) of fried food safely, and with ease! Users can program presets for their specific menu items making it simple to execute orders. Just press the appropriate button and let AutoFry take it from there. This fryer is your most dependable employee, as it does the work of a fry cook for you! Its Shake Feature technology helps save on labor by shaking the internal teflon baskets just like an actual person, keeping product from sticking, and ensuring it is cooked to perfection.

And did we mention AutoFry is completely VENTLESS? That’s right! No hoods? No vents? No problem! The internal filtration system pulls grease from the air, allowing AutoFry to operate without a hood or ventilation system. Setting up a commercial fryer has never been easier. Simply plug in, start cooking, and get ready for the crowds to cheer for the music and the food!

Click below to learn more about how the AutoFry MTI-40E can help your venue's foodservice program!

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