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MTI-40E : Handle High Volume like a Pro

MTI-40E _ Handle High Volume like a Pro !
Every business is different, but just about any business can benefit from a food service program created with ventless, hands-free kitchen equipment. Especially businesses that see a high volume of patrons on a regular basis. Arenas, sports stadiums, concert halls, all see thousands upon thousands of people come through their doors in just one night! Even movie theatres and drive-ins can see those kind of numbers on a busy weekend. Being able to offer every guest a range of delicious dining options, without breaking the bank is key to food service success. 
At Motion Technology, Inc., we have been supplying companies all over the world with the right equipment to help them dominate their industries. The AutoFry is our ventless deep fryer that comes in a range of capacity capabilities, including our largest model, the MTI-40E. This  dual-basket floor model is specifically designed for high-volume food service operators. No hoods or venting required; means you can serve up an entire menu without the need of expensive renovations to your kitchen.
With the MTI-40E you have the flexibility to relocate the machine to fit your space, the ability to operate each side independently, and the capacity to fry up to 8 pounds (4 lbs. per side) of product per fry-cycle. This floor model also has the option of a manual or automated oil filtration system. Fully enclosed and automated, the AutoFry keeps employees safe from the internal cooking chamber while preparing food product cooked to perfection every time, with just the push of a button.
And did we mention we also have created a ton of helpful guides and videos to further assist our customers with anything they may need? From technical troubleshooting to cleaning tutorials and even recipe tips, we've got it all.
So, don't wait, check out how to handle high volume like a pro with the MTI-40E!
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